Coronavirus: US withdraws emergency use of hydroxychloroquine


The food and drug administration has ended its its emergency emergency use use authorization authorization for for hydroxy hydroxy Clark Clark with with the the drug drug president president trump trump touted touted in in the the fight fight against against corona corona virus virus ABC's ABC's mark mark rumble rumble are are joining joining us us on on the the komo komo news news line line what's going on with this mark yeah basically the FDA and other health agencies in the United States has said that since they first authorized an emergency use for primarily hydroxy chloroquine that's that's the main drug that we've heard about like quarter quarter Quinn as well said since they authorize that back in March in late March as more studies have come out as they've done more research basically they found that there isn't anything to stay statistically that there is a benefit to you using these drugs and that sensually the risks of these drugs which we know about these are decades old drugs that have been used for many other purposes they're not news so we know what the side effects are those side effects are really outweighing the benefit or any potential benefit and as time has gone on and they've done research they just haven't seen or been able to replicate some of these early reports that we heard back in March about the possible benefits of this these drugs and so while they issued this emergency authorization and time is gonna essentially say they can't justify continuing to allow this authorization and so they've rescinded it so they're saying ineffective and may also cause heart issues and now what is the White House saying about this after president trump talked about these drugs for quite awhile yeah president trump has been a a cheerleader of sorts for hydroxy Cork when and in fact claims to have used it himself for two weeks just a few weeks back when some staffers close to him and vice president Mike pence had tested positive he said very positive things to say about hydroxy chloroquine he says that he's spoken with medical professionals who have told him that it's a very good treatment and that they've seen very positive results it's had a great reputation and if it was somebody else other than me people say Gee isn't that smart however these agencies within his administration are essentially saying that that's not the case that there's nothing to support that that the risks that we know about outweigh the benefit of these drugs and basically the emergency doctor authorization had said that you need to take these drugs in the same dosing recommendations as you would for other things so the same dosage that you would take for malaria or lupus or other treatments that you use these drugs for and the FDA noted that the inability to go higher and higher dosage that could potentially bring on benefits would only lead to more risk so basically they were they hit a ceiling we can't take a higher dose of this and we're not seeing any benefit at levels that we know are safe therefore there's nothing essentially that we see as a benefit for the drug to be continued to be used and so especially the federal government will stop supplying this drug to state and local agencies for the treatment of cover nineteen only now lupus rheumatoid arthritis other think that these drugs are used for those will continue their unaffected but essentially that the FDA and and other health agency says this is this is not a valid treatment anymore ABC's mark rubble are thank you mark thank you

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