Kelly Clarkson Files For Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

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We have to begin with Kelly Clarkson surprising news Kelly has filed for divorce from her husband Brandon. They're married for almost seven years and in court papers obtained by a news, she cites irreconcilable differences, a request for joint custody and no spousal support brandit. You guys. I was shocked when I heard this. What did you guys think Oh same yeah I think everybody was really shopped and I. Think even having those details of knowing that she's saying no spousal support for him in that leads me. Me To believe that things maybe aren't really that amicable right now. Sources are telling us that their friends are totally surprised to which kind of makes me believe. Maybe something happened suddenly during this quarantine I know that a lot of people are parting ways during this time, but every time we spoke to Kelly. It was clear that she loved being a wife. She loved being a mother and meant everything to her. Listen to this I heard you say in an interview that you don't really get caught up in the accolades. You just want to be a great wife and a great mom. Yes, those are really hard things to be or do you feel like being a mom is made you more confident. kind of been a confident person but I will say it does bring another level of like. I don't care about things that are important. This is pretty special. Can you believe this is happening right now? I literally had a conversation, my husband, the other day and we were like. Life because we both came from pretty humble beginnings and This wasn't even in the picture like the idea like the vision. Board like this was definitely something beyond I could have imagined gosh I mean hard of hearing that back. There were no signs of divorce bill when you listen to that. Yeah, I'm always curious. It's always so hard, because I feel like we see these couples, people hashtag relationship goals, and then you know a year later. They filed for divorce because I definitely. Kind of felt like Kelly Clarkson had the perfect life you know and and getting divorced doesn't mean that she does it. You know we I just goes to show that what we see on the outside is not always what's going on in the inside, and it does sound like though that it seems very mature. It doesn't seem like it's anything nasty. It doesn't mean that they won't have a great co-parenting relationship, right? Yeah I think that's just what it is. I mean divorce is always really heartbreaking, and you know what unfortunately sometimes people get to a place where they feel like there's just nothing else that they can do to continue to stay in a romantic relationship, and they realized that their relationship is better off as being friends, so it's obviously very painful, but hopefully both of them will be better off being apart. Yeah and. Kelly in her career and everything that she's doing right now. She seems so on top of the world like you said Nina but I I wonder if maybe she just got too busy or. You know. Some of the priorities changed in her life. You know we are humans and we're constantly evolving, so yeah I think you know we won't know until they're ready to speak on and what the reasons were. She's always been busy, but just because we're people who work in television, especially producing shows how ruling that can be and I sometimes feel like when you work these long. Your patients becomes a lot shorter for the the I don't know you. Are So has anything to do with it, but I will tell you as I think. Sometimes you do change as your success gets greater and you have. Less tolerance for certain things, so who knows what could have happened?

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