The death of this member of their team


A review of a brand new picture on Netflix directed by Spike Lee it's called da five bloods good morning Michael yet what's interesting is likely has had a very a tumultuous career doing multiple different types of movies over the years and this one follows up the black Klansman that he did a couple years ago which was a fantastic movie has a different look at the black experience it's not just something like do the right thing or Malcolm X. which is some of the movies he did early in his career this one follows for Vietnam vets who had served in Vietnam and one of their members of their of the platoon got killed was left there and they're on their way back view many years later in modern times when they're they're basically Taurus and they want to go back and find his remains so they can give them a proper burial but at the same time they're also trying to find the buried treasure that they discovered during this whole incident that caused the death of this member of their team there's a lot to bite off it there's the black experience during the Vietnam War looking back they're dealing with PTSD the hidden and a slightly buried trauma not just for themselves but but for the Vietnamese people there's a lot of threads in this that go in many different directions and I think this this shows a bit of a growth in spike Lee's career because he is dealing with a lot more than just a singular issue John is a do blending this storytelling with the larger issues he's trying to get across one of the main characters played by Delroy Lindo and he does a fantastic I mean Oscar worthy performance in this as other ones probably saddled with the most PTSD it's real complex character development and also somewhat of a complex plot it did it runs about two and a half hours I think spike does a really good job juggling all that to make a a wildly interesting movie that tells some truths that aren't always the the kind of truth we always want to hear all rights are Spike Lee manages to even work in a lost treasure here so how many gold bars do you award the five bloods I am going to give da five bloods the four gold bars thank you Kevin Carr twenty five past the hour on first light for this Monday morning the fifteenth day of June twenty twenty the Wayback machine that well it's a little sticky this morning can't quite get it back to June fifteenth of nineteen forty six and how bout June fourteenth of nineteen forty six so we are now in queens New York where little Donald John trump enters the world some of the president's fans celebrated that birthday yesterday in west Palm Beach as Derek Lowe reports urging

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