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I don't come. Download the APP and put in the code. Try to call feel bias. Walk into the tram to come crypto shy well. Wasn't yesterday, a bit of a wild one high. Gee, WHIZ! Absolutely nuts. Big foles in markets as I was pretty confident, we'd say we did say some very strong moves down and listen good training conditions as well. No huge amount of opportunities also fought around the same so the time if you will try to, the CRYPTO, cried Naci boost strategies, you would've been had the opportunity on Bonnets on ails on Tron and on Cod Donna, which moved the laced, and that's the one I took. But still, WANNA percent profit for the day. Yesterday pretty stoked about that. Yeah let me saw a beautiful boost to the just couldn't raise the ordering Thomas a volatile my sword the calculations. They'll just get it quick enough. Tron beautiful and yes gripe. Fifteen minute time from I love the fifteen minute timeframe on the top ten perc contracts. Why are you asked me well because you've got a big position? Entering you stop also pre taught. So when you've got your entry and you stop plus really tie, it means that will effectively you end up with a lot more contracts? Now that could have the you know you can be. A double edged sword. In the sense that you know not, there's not much liquidity they. You can't call some slippage that. but if it does if you do taunt properly then, yeah, you can absolutely kill the pigs. It doesn't take very much movement to make some very very lodge money on a multiple of risk. It's one percent. Oh, half percent whatever you like, so yesterday was released is You know that I did saw was going to go to those low timeframes. That was the plan. I put out there on my youtube, so if you not they guy follow it. It was with planet. Put out of everybody really stuck to that plan and it was successful. Now When the markets wrought fool your fifteen minute timeframe the law or even fifty nine out the half an hour one hour. Well, it's just by knowing what the market looks like what it's doing for me. It's when the comes back to the market. We had some serious momentum. Yesterday's lower timeframe souls comfortable to do it. The Quincy he was there for me to fill my bigger orders and I got what I needed. as a matter of knowing what to do and win a Seidel Tom. It's not just about having a trading strategy is a lot of things we need to do is try to make sure that we. Were the right place at the wrong time doing the right things, and that's what law I've tried fools about. That's what might try to coke communities about. It's about sharing this information with people to let them know what my plan is. H time for them to make their own planes It's really important to us that we help the community and we help people to become the best tried is I candidates the whole purpose of the business? Now couple of things the first thing I'll say to you right now. You're not. On my list I'm going to get a video out there today and we're gonna be doing some stuff with a Toro. Coming up, and you'll need an account for it so if you haven't got if your already got an HR archaic now dramas. It says you've already got one. If you haven't got one jump on the mailing list because I'm going to put the link in to get one because I'm going to take you through the crowd, of course, their guy and that's just the beginning is also going to be scans. There's also going to be a lot more. Down the track as we develop and get our licenses, that's right. We'll be looking at other markets eventually as well so That's where it's going to get really dame cool. In on looking forward to that day. Anyway let's go back to the markets and that's just try to call dot COM Gawain do the video newsletter. You can actually jump on rotten massages, and you'll save posted, so can fill your boots on that one. But. Just talking the market now mainly I. It is so difficult to the man. When, I look at it right now, yes, tonight, bearish definitely. The bergische broke down from that daily can looked like all buggy that we're GONNA. Go much much lower. We did move caught a lot lower me from from yesterday's close. To where we bat bottomed out, it was four point seven seven percent, which significant decent move. On I haven't quite quickly so. Know, we headed towards having one of those. You know I nine ten percent decline top dies, but did not even we. We bounced that. You know we bat SPEC, really hot and that's where for me it's. It's a little bit tricky. And the reason it's tricky is because once again. bitcoins just wrecked. itself is a trend. It's gone low. Hi Lola. Then, that's gone straight back up to a high. Low Aloha and if I look at the four outshot. The. We've been here before we will hear. With a hair! Back through April. Now, we get an up trend that would I down as soon as it set itself down. Investment opposite said itself. I wasn't till sort of You know the start of my. Sorry the back end of Ipil, the we started to really have a decent. That was when we sort of went through seventy eight hundred. We ended up around ten grandma. Cunanan suddenly around that sort of figure. At we're going continual choppy period of time. That is very. It's not the best training conditions, the matter of fact, trading, spot or trading margin against BTC's probably given a lot more opportunity than everything else. It's just a matter of being patient. Looking at one point five percent yesterday. I'm happy with that because I ain't got, add on a flat That was a really nice, really nice way to start the week to be feeling fresh to do anything else this week unless the conditions good now with bitcoin yesterday i. Believe it all. Dan, lightly percent at once I've actually closed up one percent on the nose. We had a low thousand, eight, hundred, ninety, and we close at nine, thousand, four, hundred, twenty, eight, so. We're told me five hundred dollar swing, but if you look at the the high of the Diet was ninety five sixteen, so a really wall What does it tell me? It doesn't tell me about the role really? You know there is a low hi, there is a low low, but is there a good daily downturn? Absolutely not it's certainly isn't clear. If it's not clear, it's not there and just go back and white Bitcoin Bitcoin in particular sitting. North thousand four hundred fifteen dollars right now theorem also kind rejected on the dingaling. Two hundred and seventeen dollars thirty two cents, which is exactly the resistance level interesting that one. It did close down only point three percent closing at two thirty one when now slightly down on the session, but not by very much I mean it's point two of a percent, the EXA pay look at how to a hell of smashed down as well, but it closed up one point one percent closing at nineteen point two cents a guy. He's a very strong run backup carney down nineteen point one, which is down point, six of a percent bitcoin cash close down yesterday as well the close to thirty spot seven zero. It had moved old why to a lawyer yesterday twenty four, so a pretty decent eleven move to get back up to closing down point item, percent base, they and also right now it's two thirty, five ninety five point one of the scent they. Look the book the daily downtrend they, it's broken, one seventy six it in a down trend. It looks very bearish to me on in fact, looking for opportunities to try this show at the moment I'm hopeful I. Haven't got anything yet, but I am keeping a close on on this as it does. definitely carry the hallmark of of Loa low coming in here finally, the four Alcan was a legal beat smaller than I certainly would have my My mock there. We currently only saw yesterday with death three point two percent closing at one, seventy, three, six down point to at one, seventy, two non full wrought now lot coin, rolling over as well rejecting those lows yesterday once again with a sitting around some support around one around forty one dollars and sixty four cents at BAFTA, quite strong, it's still pretty solid. Why slightly to the downside Slot Momentum Bearish Saad? A close yesterday Dan Point, six at forty three dollars, seventy five, or about the same rock now. A US against sitting random portal's forty turned was pulled the. Look a its its down point. Two of a percent now toodle fifty two yesterday. It closed down one point three six percents. It's not the clearest translate bonds at a river of a move yesterday. Jay's I really wish I had to take in that instead of Don on the fifth day at one stage. what was the actual low on the fool? Because the foreclose, sixteen fifty fog was down seven point five seven percent on the day. Pounced to close down one percent at sixteen dollars and thirty seven cents, the low was fifteen thirty so over a Duller of a move that very very volatile bonnets was yesterday and look tell you what It's a sort of sort of mock love to try. Just I'm just waiting for my opportunities wants guy. Starring role of now, Dan, point six of the sense sixteen dollars twenty eight

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