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Kylie Jenner faked her way to billionaire status, Forbes says


Last year Forbes magazine named Kylie Jenner the youngest self made billionaire ever and I think we were all astounded like why highly Jenner but she has her cosmetics company and Forbes magazine just revoked the title of self made billionaire youngest self made billionaire because they're claiming that Kylie Jenner's been lying for years to inflate her own wealth so if you were well they're saying just under just under nine hundred million thank you hi a hundred million wow I know really I records magazine posted an article talking about how Kylie accusing Kylie and her mom who is also her manager her manager yeah Kris Jenner of spinning a web of lies to make Kylie cosmetics seem way more successful than it really was they claim that tax returns that Kylie Jenner gave them or faked to make it look like the company's revenue was two or three times higher than it really was and that our actual network is just under nine

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