Justin Timberlake Steve Carell Seth Rogan others donating money



Predictably many in the media blame Donald Trump for much of the unrest the new York times writing quote how trump's idea for a photo op led to havoc in a park unquote Washington post quote trump's threats to deploy troops moves America closer to anarchy on quote both newspapers are hate trump enterprises you can't believe a word either of them for it top Democrats also trashing the president Massachusetts senator ed Markey calling Mr trump's gum for fueling racial hate Nancy Pelosi accusing the chief executive of ripping the country apart many celebrities blame America itself Colin Capra Nick the football kneel down guy because of violence the only logical reaction to police brutality Justin Timberlake Steve Carell Seth Rogan others donating money to help bail out violent rioters violent these actors also support black lives matter which is really an updated version of the Black Panther party black lives matter the organization wants to ban public policing and release all minority prisoners from jail black lives matter is a radical and dangerous organization supp what happens now in America violence is slowly dissipating new polls show seventy one percent of Americans want the National Guard to enforce peace there is backlash coming and it could play out in November the majority of Americans do not want anarchy and do not believe they live in a racist country in a moment virtue signaling and George Clooney right back with that there are thousands of abandoned animals in the USA that need our help I am partnering with delta rescue the largest no kill care for life animal sanctuary in the world founded by actor Leo Grillo who left Hollywood to devote his life to saving abandoned animals delta animal sanctuary is a one of a kind rescue unit they are staffed

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