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A crash up on the bishop Ford is blocking the center lane at one hundred and eleven


Trump's reaction to the latest jobs report WGN traffic here's Lauren laptop in this traffic report sponsored by stop the spread of coronavirus crews are still cleaning up a vehicle fire on I. sixty five south the left lane is blocked around the Kankakee rest area traffic is solid from two hundred and fifth right now there is an hour and twenty minutes away over there a crash up on on the bishop Ford is blocking the center lane at one hundred and eleven things are solid they're from the Dan Ryan it's a half hour from the Ryan to buy eighty ninety four also sing an accident on I. eighty west blocking two left lanes near Chicago street that's backing things up to Larkin a crash up on on the Edens is partially blocking the exit ramp at two weeks up on Eisenhower guess what an accident over there in the left lane of First Avenue I'll be updating protest activating closures in fifteen minutes the corona virus pandemic is deadly serious everyone must do their part to help stop the spread stay home do not getting groups for any reason you may have it in you not may not even know it if you must leave your home cover your face instantly six feet away from others follow your state's guidelines for the health and safety of everyone I'm more laughter from the IDOT traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death the

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