The Skeptics Guide For Wearing Masks


Roll come to this country. The Universe today is Wednesday July eighth twenty twenty, and this is your host. Steven Novella joining me this week or Bob Novella, everybody, Cara, Santa, Maria, howdy, and Jane, Novella Hey guys I've been. Bernstein is out this week. Is Neck deep in other people's taxes. Guys Do. You know what he's. He had like a weird like mid tax break which he's never had before. Pick about it right? Yeah I, think everybody did. Last night. So like screw this finishing this crap I hate it and also I think the thing. Is Nobody really knew what was going to happen, but a lot of people got hit super hard, which is why the tax deadline was pushed back so they're like I can't afford to pay my taxes right now, but maybe come July all be in better place financially. Unfortunately, a lot of people are even worse place financially now. There's just kind of kicking. The can down the road speaking of that Steve What are the latest numbers are not good. You know especially in the United States so worldwide. We've surpassed twelve million cases with over five hundred and fifty thousand deaths. In the U, s where over three million cases and Around, one hundred thirty thousand deaths, at least that number's always because probably more. And you know it's just in the US just exactly what we warned about. We're seeing the second hump in the first wave and the greatest number of new cases per day is happening right now. This is a greater surge than we had back in March and April, and this is what we talked about. What happens when we start to open up what happens if then cases start to surge again, what will be? Do you know people have lockdown fatigue? The economy's already taken a big hit from the first lockdown. Some states opened up too quickly. They didn't do it properly with enough testing and contact tracing. And now we're seeing this really bad second wave and the sad thing is. They're having to do it kind of haphazardly like they're the states where they said. Okay we want to reopen, so they never really fully lockdown or they did, but they only stayed lockdown for like two weeks, and then they were like okay bars. We got to reopen. We got to get the economy going. And now the cases are just bananas out of Control and so they're doing this like quick quick. Quick your mask back on, and it's kind of like it's haphazard. It's not clean. It doesn't feel as controlled. And I think that's where things really do. Fall through the cracks, and then, of course we have this whole. Political Anti Mask Movement. That does seem to correlate with some of the same states where we're seeing these spikes. We definitely see in California. I mean you know in more conservative districts, but there are sort of marbled in California, so I definitely hear it even in L. A., it's not as common but. Not that Far Away San Bernardino County's very close, and you see the people. Holding angry signs and it's just. Did you guys hear that they did? A study showed that if they mandated mask you have. Made it pretty much requirement? Everyone wearing masks in public that they could save forty five thousand lives over the course of I'm not sure what the course of the period the period of time would be I think like three or four months. Five thousand I mean if that number that was that was fairly solid number. Would what else would you need but like okay, then we're. We're doing this. You have to wear a mask in public period. Almost the Vietnam War right there. Yeah, no more was fifteen thousand so imagine we could save the same number of lives lost over ten years the Vietnam War just by wearing I think it's such a profound number that we're not even equipped intellectually to really understand that that much right like I don't know forty thousand people I can't picture forty five thousand people sitting in a room I don't know what that looks like. I look like a baseball football stadium. Wouldn't that be roughly? Park, speech larger than the student body of my Alma Mater and speaking of masks. Study this week very that people might be interested in, so they just compared different types of masks, and how well they work, and of course the ones that you think should work the best do right so the ninety nine masks supposed to stop ninety nine percent of the virus were the best followed by end ninety five of course block, Ninety five percent of the virus, and their tests show that those numbers roughly accurate. And then followed by surgical masks, so they were the next, so those are the ones that healthcare workers are using, and they do work the best for the homemade ones they said was the best so actually interestingly, using vacuum cleaner filters was the best like homemade option. Just make a little pocket in your mask. You put those filters in there, and you can replace them like if they get moisture used. And that was the best using any kind of a close. We've. tight-knit cotton was good. They said what did not work is wearing. A scarf doesn't really do much to the only a slightly better than no mascot, all or a t shirt like pulling a t shirt up over. Your face doesn't work very much at all either so stick with the. multi-player cotton, and if you put a filter

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