Plucky Watson, Serena's Escape


And welcome one last time this fortnight to the tennis podcast and Wimbledon relived on. What would have been men's Finals Day of the twenty twenty championships have finally. The Sun is out. It's been a frankly miserable. What would have been Wimbledon fortnight, which is made the the pain of? Missing out on Wimbledon slightly easier to bare certainly for me personally, but it's A. It's a lovely summer's day today. And it would be a nice day to be enjoying. The men's final especially is the The flying ants have the memo that Wimbledon didn't happen. they are out in force which is. A Wimbledon tradition. Hadn't done well, that's. Today's the first I've I've probably missed it and I think maybe the weather is part of that. And we've we've just watched a match with an amazing atmosphere which I think probably also stirs that feeling a little bit, and probably because it's the last day of what would have been Wimbledon and us is the last day of Wimbledon relived for now. What a pointed addendum to that sentence David. Wouldn't next one planned for us. When should we brace also? Developing! Certain Olympic week looming on the horizon A. I feel like I. DO actually need a week off now. I feel like doing relieved of all of the sports. The Olympics will be doing archery relived. Staging two thousand eight. She's just ain't doing on this fate going. Stop the Autry podcast. Doing the end is near. You can have asleep seen. Yes well I'm going to hold David to even I want a week off now that is that is is not my writing, but if it said. We need to on that. You know it doesn't apply to middle of the night. What's absolute? There's a moratorium on on that. today, folks. We take you to the year. Twenty, fifteen. And a third round match between eventual champion Serena Williams, and then British number one had the watson a much which ended up defining that Wimbledon Fits Serena in in some ways defining the extraordinary and dramatic year that she had on tour in twenty, fifteen and much that kind of. Defines Wimbledon in some ways we'll certainly encapsulates Wimbledon the the sun, setting over just resplendent center court with. British ten tennis fans out in force getting behind a plucky Brit that half in the mid never heard of that morning. It's. It's Wimbledon all over. Isn't it? And I think I don't WanNa. Put words in your mouth David. That's probably what made you miss it because what we've just watched so sums up so many of the things that we love about tennis I would say that's true. I also think it's it really does encapsulate the the Wimbledon that I knew as a kid, and as a teenager before Tim Henman came along when British though there was a big gap where? I had not known British contenders for the title. In on the women's side in before my time to be non-journalist Virginia, Wade and Sue Barker, won the French Open, but would never really perform to that level at Wimbledon. So, Strapped my formative years following the sport, Jeremy Bates had a good run in ninety two got to the second week had match points didn't manage to tighten them against gay full Jay. And there were a lot of those sort of moments. There are a lot of single standout moments of a player. Would make them. National News as back page. front-page news even plays like Andrew Castle. You got to eighty in the world that had a match against mats. Wilander that back then was hyping him to to a level. The even he didn't think was was appropriate. Time member in in the Post match press conference that that he did he. He guys this great line. After losing the final against Philander, he was two. It's one up for landing world number, one, nine, thousand, nine, hundred sixty, says he said. Let's just take it easy here I. Mean I lost and. That's that says a lot. Ready I think you know he. He was realistic enough to know and I remember Chris Bailey in nineteen ninety-three. Playing Goran Ivanisevic and the whole nation just stopped, it was nine seven in the fifth set twenty tonight night, the whole nation, stopping for about four hours just to watch this moments, and and he became a national celebrity in a single day. People had I mean it's way more than what Heather Watson inexperienced here in terms of going from somebody nobody had ever heard of Watson was on the map to some degree. This took it to another level question, but Bailey was an complete unknown and then suddenly. I remembering, going on BBC grandstand the next day with death Lynam the presenter who? Asking about his life and said, what did you go friend thinkable list and he said. I'm. GonNa go. I haven't got a girlfriend. And then suddenly the BBC was just inundated with letters from people offering their services his girlfriend. Services! Okay maybe that wasn't quite. Home. He told me he told me because he covered the Australian. Open with us for BBC radio for number years, and he told me that that night he went into Wimbledon village walked into a restaurant with a friend of his and the entire. Pub and restaurant just stopped what it was doing and turned around and just stead at him. and. He'd never experienced anything like like not at all until. Four ask before he'd never been heard of by so many people.

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