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Freedom responsible, and he says he has signed another executive order ending preferential treatment for Hong Kong, he says now Hong Kong won't be treated the same as mainland China. Earlier, the White House reverse course on a newly unveiled policy for international students. The Trump Administration dropping its plan that would have mandated international students not enrolled in in person classes, lead the U. S or face deportation. A federal judge in Massachusetts said the U. S government and Harvard and Mighty, which sued over the measure. Had come to a settlement that would make the rule move. The settlement is a dramatic reversal from a policy announced just days ago. There are an estimated one million international students studying at American universities in Washington. John Decker Fox News The governors of New Hampshire in North Carolina, both ordering schools to reopen for in person learning this fall as long a social distancing measures can be put in place. The White House has been pushing for all schools to Rio. I think parents across the nation Understand the science data and the numbers, which is 1/5 of child abuse cases, all right, identified in schools. We've seen a 62% decrease in reporting on child abuse here in D. C. They know that 70 to 80% of kids with mental problems get their treatment and schools. Press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany, Los Angeles and San Diego School districts have already said they will use online learning this fall, The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to the hospital this morning for treatment of a possible infection and will remain there for a few days for treatment with antibiotics. America is listening to Fox News. Affordable health insurance was the promise of Obamacare. But for many, the government mandate caused more problems than

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