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Destiny. Welcome to gaming, fix. I'm frank. And I'm heather. And this is Gerald from critical. Alright well cool so. I guess we should start. We always start How did you guys get your game on? Is Okay. All Right how much? I did do some gaming technically speaking. I would call this like an educator educational game more so than any other any other type of ing the. I don't know if I told you guys. Last time we were on the show, but I have decided to start learning Spanish and I am doing this through an APP called. Julie Loeb. Now. to a lingo is a very unique APP in the fact that it makes learning. A new language or any language for that matter. And turns it into not only an educational APP but a fun. Game where you earn XP, get lives or hard so that you can either progress through the lessons of further through the lessons at your own pace. If you get unlimited hearts, they usually start you out with five parts and then If you WANNA get, more arts and the. Actually, you know, go at your own pace or do unlimited lessons. than you pay for that service of they believe in like you know. Free Education which is why they offer the service or the APP for free, you can learn a as as long as you have as many hard as need to rest early lessons, but those premium moves. Yes a premium. All like it's, it's A. It's a pain. It's a pain of win. SORTA Kinda like concept I. Guess or does that not high is not technically by year. Guay Kate. Okay, it's is a premium. Painted wet. Among seeing premium I'm saying premium F. R. E.. O. Three him premium. Yeah, it's like it's free, but if you pay a little bit more. Than you get access more bells whistles. Right it's a lot. A lot of models do that now. Right Allie. Honestly they don't really ask her munch career. WHAT THEY'RE! Giving you in terms of both? Do with the service. They offer you ads relearning where where pace. And Beyond that it was the. Free level. You? Can you learn a lot and? Like about twenty minutes a day, sometimes longer. When I'm up to at you haven't been filling up to. The press I'll talk about that later, but Is a very unique APP. In the fact that you can learn a language and pick up very quickly, and it's really fun because they actually have leaderboard where. It's a little competitive against other people were also learning different languages, too. And it. MAKES YOU WANNA learn more faster because you wanna get the EX-PM. It's you against that competitiveness in you in makes you want to apply it towards. Something educational versus something. That's you know for entertainment, or you know for career. Enjoy factor. So. That's why I really enjoy dueling. Highly recommended anybody WHO's trying to learn a new language awesome of recommends downloading will translate or Babble says or any other translator out. That will help you. Kinda like navigate language level better. because. Dueling lingual when it starts off his search, you with off with rudimentary. or it's that will. Basic sentences. But yeah. It's pretty fun and I like it. What about he does? Get your. All right I'll take next. So I stop minecraft

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