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From the Archives of the United States National Weather Service. The following is directly excerpted from reports of the nineteen eight Nashville Tornado. Quote. At historic Tornado outbreak of at least thirteen tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee on April Sixteenth nineteen ninety eight. Many of these tornadoes for strong or violent and tracked long distances, killing four people and injuring nearly one hundred people while causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, the most infamous tornado during outbreak struck downtown, Nashville, blowing out numerous windows and skyscrapers and causing the clubs, some older buildings. This tornado outbreak was unusual in several respects. The event lasted nearly the entire day with the first round of severe weather, beginning very early around four M, central standard time, and the second and more significant round of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes occurring during the afternoon and evening. The tornado went through downtown Nashville at three forty PM and on toward East Nashville Donelson and hermitage. The tornado blew out many windows on office buildings, the nationsbank office towers were one of the hardest hit buildings in Nashville thirty private airplanes were damaged at. Ford Airport. Thirty five buildings in downtown Nashville were red, tagged meaning these buildings were structurally unsound. At, least three hundred homes for damaged in East Nashville. Many homes lost a good part of their roofs. Trees were uprooted. Telephone Poles were knocked down. Saint Ann's Episcopal Church which is well over one hundred years old received major damage uprooted trees damaged roofs, too many homes with the story across Donelson Hermitage. Numerous windows were blown out at the Gaylord building and Donaldson. About half the trees that is over a thousand trees were blown down Andrew Jackson's home. The Hermitage. Mayor Phil Bredesen's close to downtown Nashville on Friday April seventeenth. Many workers had an unscheduled holiday. The downtown area was reopened Monday April twentieth. End Quote. Everyone knows a little something about Nashville the home of country and bluegrass northeast of Memphis. Where rock and roll and rhythm and blues were born, though both might claim it, it's Nashville that gets the title of Music City maybe more rhinestone than diamond of Tennessee a state. The name derived from the Cherokee town of Nasi. Nashville sits in the middle region of the state on rich soil. It's over five hundred square miles and one of the largest cities by land mass in the southeast. In terms of population Nashville proper is home over half a million little. Richard lived in Nashville for years holding as the Tennessee newspaper describes quote long residencies in the famed R&B. Clubs on Jefferson Street. There's Dolly Parton Justin Timberlake Young Buck Carrie underwood the list of stars who were from or who live in Nashville who can sometimes be spotted downtown where tour snapped pictures of the city's walk of fame. They seem unless. Online vacation guides are crowded with memorabilia shops to peruse restaurants serving Nashville hot chicken and links to book a seat at the Grand Ole opry your to download a map of music row. Nashville is also home to Tennessee. State University, Fisk University and Mary Medical College all three, historically black colleges and universities. The latter two were founded in the decade after the civil war, and there's also vanderbilt named after an American millionaire who provided its initial endowment. His name is all over town including the various vanderbilt medical facilities that serve the city. It's a music town, a college town, an everlasting tourist attraction and a city that's faced numerous natural disasters. Nashville has seen floods, a collapsed reservoir, tornadoes, fire and heat waves, blizzards and earthquakes when it comes to states of emergency. Nashville Tennessee has been host to more than its fair share of trouble. Nineteen Ninety eight was a particularly bad year. On April Fifteenth April sixteenth of that year, deadly Tornados swept through the southeast. Much of the damage was concentrated in Tennessee and Mississippi on April. Sixteen th at about five PM. Downtown Nashville was hit according to the Atlanta. Journal constitution quote. Tornado roared down music row, sending tourist, running for cover that tornado quote touchdown in Centennial Park before cutting a pack clean through downtown Nashville. The damage was extensive, uprooted trees, crushed power lines, residential homes government buildings. The AJC reported that the tornado even quote, rip the seal off the state flag. It hit retail stores Honky tonks in the football stadium where residents saw parts of the structure quote being tossed around. Let popsicle sticks. A reporter for the Tennessean described. The aftermath is chaotic lights down residents driving recklessly through intersections strewn with debris. At least one hundred people were injured, and one was killed a student from Vanderbilt University. Per the Jackson Sun he was quote crushed underneath the tree in centennial. Park according to the article, there had been no tornado siren to warn residents to take cover. All told Nashville face roughly seven million dollars worth of damage. Different media outlets gave varying totals for the cost in the number of injured, but they all agreed. The city was seriously impacted. A. State of emergency was declared the Boston. Globe reported that then Vice President Al Gore went down to Tennessee to view the aftermath. East Nashville, the hardest hit, saw massive recovery and cleanup efforts in the days following the storm. A twenty, thirteen Tennessee and retrospective recalls the former National Mayor Phil Gresson quote personally directed traffic as cleanup trucks rolled through. The destruction would take weeks to assess. Contain Andrew Perr. And, it wasn't limited to Nashville much of Tennessee, have been hit in the following weeks Tennessee. News was dominated by that storm. The repairs the stretched thin public services the first responders. And maybe that's why. One of the reasons why the body found in North Nashville just a few days before the tornadoes hit got so little press. That discovery came on Monday April thirteenth, nineteen ninety eight, a cool clear morning in Nashville. It was around eight am that someone called the police to report the? The collar lived on Mary Street. A. Dead End Road in North Nashville. The street runs up against interstate to sixty five where patchy woods meet the road barrier and back then there were a few vacant lots at the end of the road to so no direct neighbors where the street ran into the embankment. According to the Tennessean that particular spot was known as a convenient place to abandon strip cars. Mary Street was reportedly popular with sex workers to, and it wasn't unusual for residents to see cars on the street at all hours. Her, the Tennessean residents had heard a car early on the morning of the thirteenth at around five am nothing remarkable there as noted the streets traffic, but as the sun rose, it became evident that something happened left behind something burning. A crime stoppers bulletin published later that summer. A Mary Street residents saw a rolled up beige carpet at the end of her road.

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