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And welcome to food neighborhoods, Son monocle twenty four I articles hate. During the epidemic we continue the show in a slightly different form as many of you find yourself suspending Simon's home. We do follow suit. Stay beat more domestic and delve into the world of great recipes this week. We hear from Heinz Beck. Who Run subur-, Lapeer Gula restaurant in Rome. Hello my name is Hans Spec I'm here to give you an very easy. Italian recipe of automaker, beautiful pasta with fish. What do you need for this recipe? Very simple, a little bit of Sakina, red, bell peppers whitefish and little bit of white wine, and of course beautiful Spaghetti Pasta. would. We have to do is cooking the bell peppers indio. Sprinkling before a little bit with exclusive, Ching olive oil cooking till the skin is not becoming talk, remove the skin and you're cutting the. Purpose in long slices the same you're doing with the to Keeney, only the green powder, so it would give a beautiful calling into your past the red and the green, the white like the Talian flack. Before you have to prepare a little bit of officials, stock this you're doing gleaning in the fish, and with the bones with a little bit of which tables Carrot Celery, a little bit of on that little bit of tomato. You make a small little fish stock. And then you are cooking. You'll pasta the pasta your cooking. Boiling salt water slightly salted water in the meantime. You're cutting the fish fillet in. Long slices as well. You season at the little bit of Salt, a little bit of oil. You heat up the pen and you put this fish into the pan without aiding up the oil because oil with around the fish is enough salty for few seconds, and then you will not have additional burning oil in the pan. Eight of the wet you tables then two minutes before the end of the cooking time you will remove for the speedy from the water, the salt water you put in the Pan adding a little bit of the fish stock and cooking, the rest of cooking time together with the pastor, so the together with the fish richer tables, so the pasta will a. Soap all the flavors, the end, a little bit of personally the chauffeur, white wine and little bit of olive oil.

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