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The death of George Floyd, and calls for justice


Thursday night also saw protests in Phoenix Denver Memphis Columbus New York City and in lieu of that peaceful protests demanding justice for the shooting death of Brianna Taylor during a police raid in March turned violent I think America must see right do not develop finance Martin Luther king in April nineteen sixty seven a year before his assassination ambitions continue to exist in our office which must be damn bad we condemn our in the final analysis all right the language of the unheard what is it gonna marathon has failed yeah there will be here that long segment white society are more concerned about tranquillity and the status quo learn about justice equality and humanity so on a radio show and nations summers of Ryan all calls on nations went to delay six summers ago months of unrest followed the police shooting of Michael brown launching the black lives matter movement now is video evidence of abuse of power piles up amid a pandemic that has killed black people at a strikingly disproportionate rate the sense that black lives still don't matter is hard to shake take the murder in February of another black man also caught armory a young black man who in February almost to the day it happened a Trayvon Martin eight years ago was chased down by white men in pick up trucks and shot and killed on a residential street in Georgia a reminder of why incidents like this other one on Monday in New York city's Central Park are so harrowing a white woman named Amy Cooper had her dog off leash and a part of the parkway leashes are required a black man Christian Cooper in Arden bird watcher asked her to leach said doc

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