Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccine reach church leaders


Moldova. Yeah Moldova Shirt Moldova right. It's a church that I'm going to be talking about. Oh or I should say. The Orthodox Church in Moldova has denounced the potential covid vaccine as an anti-christian plot. Oh Yeah Oh yeah yeah. They're they're getting they're getting out there. Quick early good. They wanted to stay ahead of these things. Oh yeah absolutely. Do you know they say that it's a satanic plan microchip people and at least to introduce other foreign devices into the human body and this is so just like straight down the standard conspiracy theory line believable. Let's see they can't. This was a press release right from the Church success. Global Anti Christian system wants to introduce microchips into people's bodies with whose help they can control them through five g technology. The claim that Bill Gates you know of course everybody gates. He's new anti Christ. Once Obama left office and disappointingly wasn't the Anti Christ They find one quick. They've been looking trying. Different people on is but gates guy. Yeah so he's apparently the one behind creating this microchip technology And died they plan on introducing into the population through a covid vaccine? The the statement says quote vaccination introduces nanoparticles into the body. The react to the waves transmitted by five G. Technology and allow the system to control humans remotely. Wow what in the fuck where? It's what it's amazing. Listen there was a there was an article that came out. I actually talked about this on How TO HURTIG? There was an article that came out that said that forty percent of United States Republicans believe. That's true then the whole thing. There's like you know not necessarily the five G. or the whatever but like the Bill Gates is going to try and like Mo- microchip forty percent of Republicans in the US. Believe God this is just all somebody like Alex Jones has to do is just like think it up say and then everybody believes it whether this came directly from him or not but like his he did. He started he. Actually you did. He never never never mind any of that like this. Is I don't understand these conservative Christian types who are seemingly like what what what do they have against medical intervention and protecting themselves against something that maybe wouldn't hurt them specifically very much but that on a grand scale is going to hurt a lot of people. I'll tell you why not be part of the solution instead of and like the an seriously it's anything that comes down the pike with with covid nineteen. They're dead set against any of helping them. Whether it's masks of social distancing like Christianity is just better than that and it's like Yuck is wrong with you people because they're covered in Christ's blood which is so much better and they're they're safe there. It's all just a hoax anyway. Yeah unfortunately there's a far too much on the Internet and far too little far too few people who are able to actually think their way to Healthy thinking about anything these days so mask and why to me. What did T mobile do? How did they up well? I think that was another non. Somebody somebody just said. Hey Watch out for five G. The they're putting their crazy like. Why are you towers are being installed like what was it? And then at somebody just said it and all they have to say it and then everybody loses their goddamn minds. They're being trained to not believe any official story. That comes out so excited. They believe that what I don't understand is if you if you if you're so like unwilling to believe anything right that's real. What is it about the most crazy the most insane thing imaginable? Why is that the one you pick? Yeah have you read their book because I read a lot of their book? And it's like if you believe in that book than you expect crazy like that's how you think the is supposed to work is like insane machinations and evil coming from every every corner of the earth and so you see a five. G. Tower being put in your sight. Oh my God that's GonNa kill us. That's commonly kill us that Satan right there. I'm pretty sure you see them. Being installed around town like fucking everywhere. Yeah it's it's good it's The they're putting demons directly into the airwaves. Great

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