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Everything that people stay online also telling sauces Dana Perino he remains opposed to fact checking political speech the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a statement earlier today says he's not trying to be an arbiter of truth only to connect the dots so people can get more information calls for justice and peace in Minneapolis after a second night of protests turned to looting and fires over the death of George Floyd in police custody city council vice president Andrea Jenkins says racism should be declared a public health emergency until we name this virus this disease that has infected America for the past four hundred years we will never ever resolve this issue the city's mayor and police chief say they will defend the right to peacefully protest but won't tolerate violence and criminal acts the four officers involved were fired yesterday the FBI and justice department investigating the house passing a bill aimed at making it easier for small businesses use a popular loan program sending it on to the Senate also today weekly claims pushing the number out of work to more than forty million people in the past ten weeks America is listening to fox your next fox news update in thirty minutes now your top local stories are on Twin Cities news talk dot com Minnesota news network I'm bill Warner governor Tim walls is calling out the National Guard in the city of Minneapolis tonight it comes after a night of violence looting and arson fires following the death of George Floyd protesters demanding that criminal charges be immediately filed against Minneapolis officers involved law enforcement and prosecutors have promised a full and partial investigation bus and light rail service throughout the Twin Cities is suspended metro transit says it is entered in anticipation of upcoming demonstrations and unrest the agency says they will wait until tonight to give an update on bus and rail services moving forward Minneapolis police chief Medaria Arradondo says he has faith that members of the community will help quell any further violence in the city chief confirmed reports circulating that riots revealed last night by non residents many of the people that were involved in the criminal conduct last night we're not known many politicians so yes there were certainly people who were involved in activities last night that we're certainly not recognized as being here from the city the chief says there were no significant injuries to officers as a result of the riding on Tuesday night leaders of the Minnesota house and Senate encouraging members and staff to vacate the state capitol complex in St Paul to further notice officials say it is in light of protests in Saint Paul and out of an abundance of caution U. S. postal service temporarily suspending mail service and retail window service and its Lake Street many high end power horn stations in Minneapolis postmaster says safety of employees is the highest priority this is Emily I'm seeing double should.

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