Philadelphia top paramedic works harder than ever to keep first responders safe from COVID-19


EMS provider of the year is a paramedic who finds herself in especially high demand during the pandemic he would only Lynne Adkins has our story it's a critical job to keep firefighters protected from needle sticks hepatitis C. infections or tuberculosis on a regular basis but infection control officer captain April Smallwood says coded nineteen changes everything so it's much easier for your day I can deal with we haven't connected team called remember if you were concerned from a hospital in regards here in Texas is the number of potentially transportation what and now I can say that you know there's the I have a hundred and fifty phone calls dealing with members and hospital regarding a patient that we transported but Kobe nineteen she's also been busy securing PP for the Philadelphia firefighters and setting up protocols to keep them and their family safe she says each encounter with a person with the virus could take twenty firefighters off the job and put them into quarantine

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