El Chapo



Today. We're taking a look at a quotes from Joaquin El Chapo Guzman. The once lead of the Sinoloa content in Mexico Gu's Mon- used his crime syndicate to sell billions of dollars worth of drugs. Boys one step ahead of the police. Goose Mon- escaped jail twice bride politicians and shed the blood of allies and foes alike in light of this. It's ironic that the notorious drug lord once said I know one day I will die. I hope it's a natural causes. Guzman allegedly said this to actor Sean Penn. During a secret interview for Rolling Stone Magazine Guzman supposedly wanted a Hollywood film to be written about his life. It's not surprising. Gu's mom believed his life was worthy of the big screen after all his rise in the world of narcotics has been nothing short of cinematic Guzman was introduced to the drug trade early. He was born in. Nineteen fifty seven in La Tuna a rural town in Mexico. Though his claimed to be a simple farmer it's widely believed that he grew opium poppies by nineteen seventy the fifteen year old guzman was farming marijuana alongside his cousins at only five foot six is small stature earned him the nickname. El Chapo which is Mexican slang for shorty dues. Mon- didn't let his ambitions mirror his size in the late. Nineteen Seventy S. He grabbed onto the opportunity to work for Miguel on. Hell sciutto widely known. As the godfather of Mexico's first nationwide drug operation the Guadalajara Cartel Fedex put goose man in charge of smuggling logistics. Who's Mon- proved himself to be a ruthless taskmaster? He went as far as murdering employees. If ever they were late with deliveries this show of strength paid off in spades when feliks was arrested in nineteen eighty nine a thirty two year old. Guzman received a choice piece of the former drug lords territory. With his little slice of North West Mexico secured Guzman's set up his own operation. Everything about the Sinoloa cartel was innovative and Malton. He sets up complex underground tunnels to ferry drugs across the border. Earning him millions of dollars and attention from officials in both the United States and Mexico in nineteen ninety three after the highly publicized death of a Catholic cardinal who was caught in a drugged. Her for the thirty six year-old Guzman was blamed. He was arrested in Guatemala and sentenced to twenty years in prison. However the entire time guzman mom was in jail. He lived like a king. Bribing God's so he could receive conjugal visits on-command then when he got forward in two thousand one. He broke out of prison. Legend states that he snuck count in a laundry cart. Journalists believed that he more likely just salted out his path cleared by the many gods. He bribed in two thousand nine eight years. After breaking out of jail sinoloa cartel was doing better than ever this led to fifty two year-old Guzman landing on Forbes list of the world's richest people the magazine stated that he was personally worth one billion dollars. You didn't get there without a little brutality. To hold onto his empire the drug lord is to have personally tortured and murdered his rivals and even though he was arrested again. By Marines in two thousand fourteen. The stone cold killer escaped once more a little over a year later in July. Two Thousand Fifteen as he got older without ever facing real consequences for his crimes his hubris increased. That's what led him to consent to an interview by Hollywood actor Sean Penn. It's rumored that his communications with pen were traced by Mexican authorities ultimately leading to his capture. Guzman was extradited to the United States. Where he face charges of drug trafficking intend to distribute money laundering and homicide during the Eleven Week. Trial even more disturbing revelations about Guzman surfaced. According to a BBC Article One witness told the court that Guzman had buried demand alive. Another told of a rival NOCCO chief who refused to shake goosebumps hand and paid for it with his life. Court papers also accused him of raping girls as young as the team calling them. His vitamins ultimately Guzman was found. Guilty of ten counts including charges of narcotics trafficking. He was sentenced to life in prison. This means that Guzman likely will die of natural causes just as he wished.

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