Weathering The Storm

Secular Buddhism


Before jumping into the topic that I have for today I wanted to discuss the Cohen that was shared in the last podcast episode. It goes like this. As the roof was leaking zen master told to monks to bring something to catch the water. One brought a tub the other a basket, the I was severely reprimanded. The second highly praised. I want to share some of the thoughts that were discussed in our patriotic community, because there are always good perspectives shared their, and this first one comes from Darlene. Who says quote this Cohen on makes me think of the emotional enlightenment. You discussed in the episode. We think that happiness comes from cleaning to pleasant emotions, but that actually causes suffering. In the same way roof is leaking except that it is leaking and water will get on the floor because that's what happens when the roof leaks. If we catch the water in a Tub, it will eventually overflow in the end. We can't deny our emotions because they will find a somehow. We can find peace by accepting them wholeheartedly close quote. Tani says quote. I wonder if this. Cohen speaks to our tendency to try to control our emotions. If the roof is leaking, we must wait until the rain is over and fixed the roof work on the source of the anger pain, bringing a tub will only result in a harder time removing it or it will overflow later causing a bigger mess, the basket I'm imagining. One of those meant to carry water from the well to the house. So it holds the water, but not as much as the tub may require more trips outside to dump the water, but it doesn't let us ignore it for too long. We still have to pay attention to the basket and water in this way instead of trying to stop emotions from happening, we need to weather the storm as best we can, and then work on the source of the pain and emotions when things are clearer, if possible close quote. And then Mike shares this, he says quote. Maybe I'm doing this wrong, but I seem to be interpreting each of the most recent, the same way, and most of them I see it as a reminder to not look for wisdom and others, but to look for it in yourself instead in this case, the answer of the Tub was clearly the more appropriate tool for catching water, but the students who chose that severely reprimanded. There's no reason to reprimand this student. He chose an appropriate tool for achieving the particular goal. Perhaps the students only air was in believing the Zen master to be more of a master than himself. I really liked the ideas that were shared. These are only three of the several thoughts that were shared in our Patriot community, but I particularly liked Mike's thoughts here at the end. And I wanted to share some of my thoughts about this Cohen. One I. think that we tend to make meaning of things that we make assumptions and we don't know all the details, so we fill in the gaps I think it's it's what we do. It's a human thing. So with a story like this, we immediately make the assumption. If there's a hole in the roof and water is coming in. We paint a whole picture around that. That water must be leaking on the floor. We need to bring something to catch the water so that it stops leaking on the floor a tub in this case. What does it mean a tub? Is it a? A bathtub, because if it were a bathtub on one hand and a basket on another very much could be that the tab was the wrong answer because it was too big, and the thing is, we don't know so we. We paint the story we fill in the details, and then we make the assumption based on all of these details that we we just don't know. So, we're really good at making meaning of things, and because of our discomfort with not knowing the details we fill in the gaps. And! That's what this story kind of reminded me of the fact that I don't know the details I mean first of all. Why do even assume that? Just because the master reprimanded one and didn't reprimand the other that that means one was wrong and one was right. What if? What if the one who brought the basket has been struggling in class, and has been getting everything wrong, and was feeling really down, and the Zen master decided to praise him this time, so he wouldn't feel so bad and reprimanded the one who brought the TUB. Who always gets things right and maybe needed to feel a little more humbled.

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