I'm in the financial followed the pandemic was really hitting the institution hard


I think in the whole history of higher education a lot worse than flag the band about the only crises cannot be disrupted the master and we thought that the middle of March I didn't report to evacuate their dorm rooms I've directed by their friends and finish their classes online I'm graduations were house postponed optimized remote on there with scientific experts warning we could see a second wave of Kobe nineteen in the fall universities are really thinking outside the box in terms of how to keep academics in motion comes under so it seems like maybe some retail practices will be adopted I think you referenced a directional hallways are perhaps one way hallways that's right your garden this school year all of the known unknowns and I think the only thing we know for sure is that students won't be returning to the college gained a lot of these issues are not unique and you'll be wearing back in all public spaces in the dining hall you know you can comment you might be turning into a lot of classes from your dorm room people on your floor might need to schedule up for apartheid use this shower but you might have a single room intermediate schools like Duke you're actually finding new housing stock in local hotels and apartment all right so

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