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All right, you might have to go ahead and take that. Yeah, okay, so what we've got here. Welcome into gun talk, Hunt podcast and we've got the twenty two points down on the end. What are you shooting? I'm shooting for courts in. This is their black Mamba suppressed with some good. Sonics so okay, so we're. We're out here. Hunting goats. No, no, we're not hunting. Wish, let's let's clarify the. Dogs you look at. So, we look at a whole bunch of goes, but we got Ryan Donahue Crimson Trace. You guys know him love him. But. I I gotTa, Pay Some bills and this episode of Gun Talk Live is brought to you by Tim knee triggers. Roll this in yeah, that's career. For more than seventy years, timmy triggers has been designing and building quality. Choose in the US. We all know and we all love them right right. And it's also brought to you by Springfield armory. We all know springfield armory we do they. Not have one of their guns at all I can't believe it because they've got the springfield saint edge, AR, fifteen rifle and five five six offers a slew of quality in an action packed gun that you can shoot all these dogs with, but today we're shooting a six five creed, more twenty, two and a tool four, which seems to be about right, right? That's right so again. So why are we putting these like why just give us? Let's start on that basic question is why do you hunt dogs I heard some good some good theories from Dave I. Think some some of them are. In some of our fiction, ish, but. The main reason. Is You know want to control the population of these things and the rights destroys farmland alfalfa fields it just you know. Farmers lose thousands and thousands and thousands of acres every year to paradox, would you? Would you like an it to a hog problem? Yeah it's it's actually worse. It's equivalent to Texas. Hog Problem Out West here, but I way understand US talking to a doctor the other day and The whole reason cove in nineteen is around is because of these prairie dogs. They actually brought him. It wasn't a guy who ate a bad or anything like that. It was from the Prado that and the plague. Yes, they do they do carry the plague. Fleas ticks turn I mean there a part of yours? They eat each other, and but they are Kinda cute listless all they're not even. Not even close acute. Would you go up and you'd hold one for a picture? We well. We have them play. Thank one yesterday David and I were shooting at I had never seen them. Actually I was thought it was a myth that they took each other back in eight each other. Not a myth. Roussel, little I had shot one and the other guy came out of the whole, and was watching grabbed them, and before you even brought them back in, he just started couple of. A drumstick man. You got gotTA. Have that I. Mean You have to understand why you hunt these but I think one of the best things is trigger time you so much trigger time because they're popping. You're aiming at small targets and it's got. It's I know you're a twenty two plaster, but the average guy can do this with twenty two. Yeah, and you know I've been shooting as much as I have been center fired not because of. Who you are! I'm scared of recall from. Brag. I am twenty two. It's just you know I. Don't have the opportunity to shoot three four five hundred yards in Tennessee and so when I come out here I I really like to test my skills like yesterday. I shot a dog at two hundred fifty eight yards with with this pistol That's high wind to. Fifteen mile an hour, crosswinds and I would imagine probably most people that are going to come out and do this or not going to be running a pistol, but now we got. We got Dave So. We had to have one oddball in the group. But we're out here. We're at The ranch at you cross America has been a tremendous host I mean you start looking at places to be able to do this kind of stuff and you can't. There aren't a lot of dog towns on public land, and so you have to get private access, and that's one of the ways you can do it. And you cross. His got I mean we've come to them for years for really speed goats, anything you. WanNa do out here. We can come all the way to dogs. Yeah, and that's I. Don't know it's just interesting, and it's it's. It's fun to hang out with guys in camp. Especially guys that get along Yup and they'd have a lot of shooting stores, but in recent like. Recent memory right now. Have you guys get now the range? I, you know I'm one of those people who has three ranges on his property. Good so I shoot I. Still Been Shooting Thousand Rounds a week. Really even during all this stuff. Yeah, two thousand rounds a week easy. So how many rows you? How many rounds of twenty two do you go through? In an entire year between sixty and one hundred thousand whole Geez you know what it's like you know like how many balls does did Jose Canseco hit and one. Is like twenty thousand something like that, but you look at like professional. That's what he does for a living, and so you would think you know. Hundred thousand round seem sounds like a lot of us, but for I mean even you and three gun. Yeah, I mean and and you know we shoot. We shoot a lot of rounds. Just testing out the scopes making sure everything is is working and put him through a lot of stress tests, but I think plink. Probably both you and I combined with the. Can I drop a bombshell? Yes, I shoot as much center fires. Do Refer. Wow, what yeah believe it or not. A lot of people don't know that people think that like glue simply to rim-fire why I know you're not exclusive, but it, but the thing is lot of times you know there are weeks, AL shoot two to three thousand rounds of nine millimeter. And, you know people don't know that there's like Oh.

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