Fido: Abraham Lincolns First First Dog

Dog Tales


Stroll down the street, hosts drawn carriages clattered over cobblestones, and women lifted their hoop skirts to step over slushy piles of snow, but nothing could distract the golden head dog from his beloved Master Five Year Fido, and his owner followed their usual, often routine I. The man go to Shave and a haircut. While FIDO napped on the street outside the barbershop. Then they strolled to the post. Post Office the man collected his mail, and gave fido package of letters to carry joyfully. The dog clamped his teeth twine bound envelopes. He loved to feel helpful. During the war up Jackson Street to his home, Fido paused several times while people greeted STA fighting knew a lot of English words like Fetch Rollover and sit, but he didn't know what to make of phrases like congratulations, Mr President or hail to the chief. FIDO probably didn't even know his master's name. He recognized the man's kindness and affection is always picked up. When he heard his booming, but gentle voice, he wagged his tail when he saw his humans toll, slim figure exaggerated by his trademark stovepipe hat, but fighter didn't care that he belonged to one of the most famous. US presidents, the great emancipator far as he was concerned Abraham. Lincoln was simply a beloved friend years before he changed the world. Abe Changed Fido's life.

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