7 Myths & Mistakes To Avoid When Launching Your New Podcast in 2020


What's going on welcome back or welcome to the show for the first time? I'm musty as your host, you'd help you. Launch and grow a successful podcast helps you grow your business. Build your personal brand and become more successful and better known whether your goal is more impact or income or all of the above. This is the show for you. When you want to use a podcast to do just that now today. We're GONNA. Be talking about something that trips up a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners when they start their podcasts, and is why it becomes such a chore, and then they eventually fail and give up and to be. Debbie. Downer or someone who's really negative, but I'm going to share with you today. Seven myths slash pitfalls about launching your podcasts at I've coached a lot of people through have helped a lot of clients through and I've seen this happen over and over again even if you're a year into the podcasting game or your year to growing your podcast, and you're like my shows is. Is kind of idle like it's. It's not growing anymore. I'm not getting any leads from it. I'm not getting any new customers from it I'm not getting anything from his just another thing for me to do on my to do this. Well are some flaws are some things you're doing? That are causing you to think like that could help you reshift. Reposition your exact your mindset. Mindset around this in this training Oh this episode so before get into this one. Definitely just circle back had a share something. That's for me kind of illustrated. This point in in real life got a client who's done amazing job for their their podcast. They're up to about twenty thousand downloads month. They're doing great. They get all of media the interviews they are able to reach big. Big Equal, but they often compare themselves to people who have been doing undoing podcasting eight nine ten years, and they're only about a year or two in the game, and that's a big issue that really is that truly is one of the biggest things you can was taken over one I would say is, is this and this? Is this whole conversation that we had with? This client recently was all about this. It's about comparing your niche. PODCASTS was show. That's much much much broader. Here's the deal. If you have a niche podcast meaning, you're talking to a very specific market, and you compare yourself to Joe Rogan or a very much a bunch of punch broader podcast that has reached because they bring on guys like ee. Lan Muss. It's hard to compare really look at your podcast success. Getting to twenty thousand dollars for most people is is isn't hard or sorry is easy and the fact that they've done in less than a lesson. Two years is pretty remarkable so especially in this world now. Now, maybe in two, thousand, sixteen, two, thousand, fifteen much easier, nowadays, not so much a lot more competition out there, so I'm happy for them, but they're comparing themselves to a lot of people have been doing this for eight nine years I mean. If you've been doing this for eight nine years, you should expect to have a way bigger show especially consistently the way they're who they're comparing themselves to. If you go back and look at those shows a near year twos I. Bet you. They weren't doing the numbers they're doing now and they're still doing the same numbers. They probably wouldn't be doing for this long. I can guarantee. GUARANTEE THAT SO NUMBER ONE! Don't compare your niche podcast. Show to someone who's doing something much broader Joe Rogan Tim Ferriss you name it like those those guys are in a broader market. They have experienced They were mainstream before they got into podcasting so yesterday some anomalies. There's Louis Houses who've been doing this for years again. That's START OUT PODCASTING, but no, it's time it takes time trees on grover night. Why would you podcast overnight? So that's number. One number two is comparing your launch to somebody who's way bigger than you so listen. If you have a small audience, you can expect to demand hundred thousands of downloads. Downloads out the gate. I've only seen. That's probably a handful of times where someone is able to do that and every single time it's it's from somebody who already has a large of a name in their in their space. They may not be like Oprah, Winfrey big, but they have the in their space carved out a name for themselves. So if you're coming in doesn't have a name for themselves. You can expect your podcast. Be This game changer? It's a reflection of you, your podcasts and your content of reflection of you, so a big mistake. People make is comparing their launch to someone WHO's ten times bigger than them. You're trying to go into battle with someone who has way more firepower than you compare your launch or or that you're more of your podcasts. That is a mistake. Big Big mistake that I see people

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