Ranked: Who Benefits the Most From an NBA Championship in 2020, MLB Guest, and Status of the NBA! - burst 05


Play this very short like Asterix of the season and they're and they're involved with the NBA playoffs the NFL. They're playing it all that time. We already know they struggle to gain ratings. What are your thoughts on? If they go through with it and how it helps basse-bolle, versus they don't because in the woes at ninety five, there was a strike, and they didn't even play the world series, and then it took all the. The ratings went down and it took the steroid era and steroids to get baseball back to what it was, so if the MLB loses out on this year like I, predicted and I think it will lose out forever. What do you think is the future on on baseball on both sides? So it was ninety, four at the season was shortened by strike in bled into ninety. Five is a great expos team that got robbed of the World Series and Guerrero pudge years. that. was on Stroz. Before Pedro I think. They might have Randy Johnson at that point, too, but. Anyway They need to get the Games on TV whether they're competing with NBA. Or. Whoever else is is playing games in the end of July NHL the start of football season pretty much every sport every sport. Yeah, they need to get baseball on TV. You know they might get two weeks of being the only the

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