Well today the Supreme Court said you can't undo it


That you know what you know what the trump administration should have made a better excuse for getting rid of this illegal act that justice Thomas was always been the most reliable justice for constitutionality on the Supreme Court he put out a blistering dissent on this and he pointed out guys that's not how any of this works if you bomb administration doesn't illegal thing and in the trump administration comes along because you just didn't legal thing we don't get to review that he points out if I were to homeland security created data during the Obama administration without any statutory authorization without going through the requisite rule making process as a result the program was unlawful from its inception the majority's not even attempt to explain why court has the authority to scrutinize an agency's policy reasons for sending an unlawful program under the arbitrary capricious microscope the decision to counter men and unlawful agency action is clearly reasonable so long as the agency's determination of illegalities found are you should be at

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