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Safety Protocols for the upcoming season. One of the Games one of the changes is that has been established is that there will be no jersey exchanges at the end of games? Richard Sherman tweeted this response. This is a perfect example of NFL. Thinking in a nutshell, players can go engage in a full contact game safely. However, it is deemed. Deemed unsafe for them. To Exchange Jerseys after, said Game John. What do you think of this new NFL rule prohibiting post post game. Jersey exchanges well I understand what they're doing. They're trying to create a set of rules. That gets everybody Dick Retreat to their corners when the game is over, they don't want any fraternizing or are hanging around talking to players on the other team. but they look stupid mace for executing it this way because think about it. Richard Sherman's right. You're basically the one fan I saw tweeted. The NFL knows these players are going to touch each other a lot during the games right. It's just a weird. It doesn't pass the commonsense test so I think that making a rule specifically to address Jersey Exchange what I would have done if I was working in the NFL is saying hey, if you want to exchange jerseys with the guy on the other team, here's how we're going to do it. Send to your clubhouse sky. Hill, run your. Already you know we'll exchange jerseys privately in the back yard. Doing it this way. It just seems like a stupid rule and makes the NFL looked Yeah, I, mean I understand what they're doing and they're trying to eliminate risk whenever they can. God knows they're gonNa have a hard time eliminating risks during games. I understand the sentiment of it the process of standing with somebody from the other team, if Your Jersey Taking Jersey Fr from somebody else. You're not necessarily socially distance so Anderson that but John I appreciate your response the fact that it could be handled. Behind the scenes and not necessarily be handled on the field that makes sense. Earlier this week, Kenny Smith appeared on the load management podcast and proclaimed Lebron James is the tenth best player ever number Ted behind guys like nate, tiny archibald, and shack, and ahead of Kobe he didn't even have Kobe and his top ten now here is my top ten. Michael Jordan. One Kareem abdul-jabbar to Lebron three magic for Bill Russell five wilt six Kobe seven Tim Duncan eight nine Larry Bird Ten. Can you come up with any semblance of a top ten? That doesn't have Lebron in the top five got Lebron number two. Lebron's number two that's just an unbelievably rare once in a lifetime once in a generation athlete I've got Jordan one Lebron to I. Don't know how you build a list other than that. And I know Kenny argued well. You Know I. Don't appreciate the history of the game. And guys like Oscar Robertson and he keeps who he played with, and but we don't know how the Games would have translated to today. We have no idea how their games translated. So I think, we do lean on. More present history I mean you've got? Jordan got of Lebron got magic. You gotTa have sh Kareem. You gotTa have coby got have. I mean there are some must have you gotta. Have Shack he left office list. Yeah, it doesn't make sense. I, am shocked. Magic Koby Lebron Kareem all in my top ten along with wilt. He's in my top ten. So. We'll be hearing about that from shack. We already are yeah. We already are I've actually got the sound. We'll play it for you coming up. When we come back. I think the minute you don't have Lebron in your top five list loses all credibility and I liked Kenny Smith. Kenny a lot, but this his list makes no sense all right there to NFL quarterbacks. In Texas, who will soon get paid now? The Patrick Mahomes assigned a ten year five hundred three million dollar contract. There are two quarterbacks that are still out there. Dak Prescott in Dallas scientists franchise. Tag Thirty. One point four million still may get a long term deal. The deadline is coming up July. The fifteenth he threw for forty nine hundred yards last year second in franchise history, thirty touchdowns career-best in his four seasons as quarterback in the cowboys. Meanwhile Deshaun Watson is the other young quarterback that is almost at extension time. He's entering his fourth year. Dak is entering its fifth. Sean is entering its fourth year. He's twenty one and thirteen starter, almost ten thousand yards, passing good good rusher. Who John Deserves to get paid more Deshaun Watson or Dak Prescott Shawn Watson. he's just a better quarterback and I liked Dak.. But to Shawn Watson. I don't have to Shawn Watson has a weakness. In the reason his team made. The playoffs is basically him? This now is his wide receivers. Right, it's that they traded deandre hopkins for a bag of Pene of beings yup. I I liked. I got a lot, but I'm very high into Shawn. Watson does Shawn. Watson to me is like A. Top Five NFL quarterback, fifth or sixth, best an holy. Yeah for me. It's show Watson. Also I. Think the there's still a ton of upside for Shawn, Watson his success as a starter. Eighteen and again the ability to move the football move the pocket with his legs is another reason I loved. Shawn Watson so I'm Shawn. Watson over Prescott although everybody in Texas is waiting with baited breath to see if he signs a long term to do you think he will down next week July fifteenth now I think they're gonNA franchise him while he signed his franchise tag, but they're still trying to negotiate a long term. They're to make them I think they're gonNA. Make them live with the franchise I completely agree completely agree. I may say team of Canadian scientists believes it is found strong strains of cannabis that could prevent or treat corona virus infections. Wow, researchers from the University of Lethridge. Says a study shows at least thirteen cannabis plants are high in. That appeared to affect the pathways. That bug uses to access the body. Okay, now that you know this, will you partake in even more cannabis than you already do in an effort to fight off the corona virus well, I would welcome those scientists to make a recommendation. It's like it's like a wine menu. Hey try the BUBBA og. They say quote. We were totally stunned. At first then we were really happy. Which? Sense I certainly doing well. And I don't. I can't tell you that it is necessarily weed or cannabis, as I like to call it when I being professional bought. I do have a variety of different. Flavors strains of cannabis that I that I do use and maybe you know maybe my purple Kush is what is keeping me safe from corona virus. I think that's what your role with one more quote from the scientists quote, our work could have a huge influence. There aren't many drugs that have the potential of reducing infection by seventy eighty percent. Wow! He told the Calgary Herald so your nightly. Cannabis intake may actually be helping you fight off the virus excellent. All Right Howard Bryant from the undefeated wrote a story yesterday about Aaron judge the Yankees Yankees Manager Aaron Boone reacted to the report saying that the team. Saying that the team has not discouraged Aaron Judge to speak about racial issues. This is what Howard wrote today in a time when the biggest voices in American sports are using their influence to speak out on injustice as Jackie Robinson, would it is the Yankee subtle subtly discouraging their new superstar, Aaron judge from being publicly vocal on racial issues, encouraging him to follow the racially disengaged, politically neutral model of Derek jeter, another signaling of the price. Black players can expect to pay by supporting black people Aaron Boone again denies that this is going on, but if true. What does this say about race and Major League? Baseball Baseball players like. WHO's the most outspoken baseball player? I wouldn't even know whatever Bauer Trevor Bauer by far. Yeah, it's it's an easy one, but are there. Any is mookie betts like the closest thing to somebody who's who's preaching for Social Justice in Baseball. Baseball's just not a sport that lends itself to social activism very

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