No, actually, that's going to be next week.


Sanitizers that they say contained ethanol alcohol, but tested positive for Methanol. Joining us now from the nation's capital is Rachel Sutherland from Fox newest. What's the status of any new stimulus stimulus? Bill? Congress is coming back from vacation today, right? No, actually, that's going to be next week. You back on the 20th in the 21st and, yes, Coronavirus release is top of the agenda, and I think both sides agree there needs to be another relief package. The question is how it's going to be done. Republicans want additional stimulus checks, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that that needs to be captive People who make $40,000 a year or less also funded is likely to be an issue in this next release, so because the schools are going to reopen. Basically, they're going to make money for things like testing, contact tracing supplies, so this is going to be a big issue when they return and in the background there already. Arguing about the fine print. What a shock! They're arguing about the fine Alright. Alright, Rachel. Thanks so much. They've already Rachel settling from Fox News. It's our lawmakers sort of getting back to Ah to work today. Unbelief, the marble palace on the Smith Hill, U. S surgeon general says the battle against the Corona virus, Khun take a turn for the better If the American people just do their part, he was appearing on CBS's face The Nation. A mast up Dr Jerome Adam's urging folks to follow basic public health guidelines and that includes wearing a mask, so let's listen in on face the nation yesterday. We can see cases go down

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