Firefighters battling a blaze


San Diego right to ABC is Alex Stone and Southern California with the very latest around the U. S S Bonham Rashard firefighting boats pouring water into every opening, trying to get to flames inside the amphibious assault ship. What started the fire isn't clear there was an explosion. At one point, the ship docked with other military ships of the large naval base in San Diego, even though it's in a secure area, far away from the public. Ah, large plume of black smoke can be seen over the Area. Alex Stone, ABC CNN reports of one injury, a record breaking day for the pandemic. In Florida, the state reporting more than 15,000 new cases in the last day. It's a nationwide records since the start of the pandemic. In the Washington Post op ed this weekend, former special counsel Robert Mueller sharply defending his investigation and asserting that a trump ally Roger Stone, remains a convicted felon. And, in his words, rightly so, despite the president's decision to commute his prison sentence. Dave Packer ABC News

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