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Trump commuting the 40 month prison sentence of his longtime confidante Roger Stone. Less than a week before he was due to report to federal prison. The president has frequently railed against the prosecution of Stone, who was convicted of witness intimidation and lying to Congress. The president's decision is at odds with his attorney general Bill Bar, who told ABC News I felt it was inappropriate prosecution. And I thought the sentence was fair. The president's commutation of stone sentence, unlike a presidential pardon does not erase stones conviction in Washington, John Decker Fox News President, saying he will sign an executive order on immigration in the coming weeks that he says will include a road to citizenship for the so called dreamers. The president made the comments during an interview with the Spanish TV. Network Telemundo and the doctor's industry group says it's comments on opening schools This fall is being taken out of context by the White House along the Trump Administration has been pointing to this one statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which said that all policy considerations for the coming school year could start with the goal of having Children in school in person, four classes starting in August and September. So they've been pointed a statement all week long. But now Today, the American Academy of Pediatrics really trying to distance itself from the White House, and it's essentially joining with teachers, unions and school superintendent across the country for various that with the president threat and the education secretary threat to withhold federal funding for schools that do not reopen boxes.

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