Cats In The Cradle - burst 2

Fame is a Bitch


Don't know but principally I just think Anderson Cooper's really lonely dude and always has been kind of work word lonely but you know where I think. He's making a mistake. Is this decision recently to not take paternity leave you know he said this covert is life or death? That's why he's doing this panel. Fuck when you when you baby come home all you WanNa do be near you. Tap Your foot in weight when it wakes up from. Its NAP like you're waiting on an important phone call. There's nothing more important than seeing that baby. Wake up at a holding it. I duNno I dunno Cova Life and death. So is having a kid Anderson and no one's watching. Cnn anyhow come on it its biggest. Viewership is an airports and they're

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