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The Day We Zoom'd With Katy Perry and Jonas Brothers - burst 32


From home which has been very unique And you know had to sort of spend most of my my time outside of brothers stuff doing that. Kevin's been a home. Swimming has kids and Probably that's that's a whole new thing and then Joe how's that working? It's good I just can't believe in kindergarten. They're doing like light Algebra like I. Just don't get it. You know like she's like I was just helping her wreck before this call with some of her schoolwork choose all right. Dad so I have to solve for X. Can you help me figure out which one this is came today? That's the sole for exactly. Yeah Nice we all think we're smart until it's time to help your children with homework and you like wait a second. I'm really not that smart. This is kindergarten so I'm really concerned. About what the future holds. This is why I saw. I stopped at a Schnauzer. That's as brilliant as a Schnauzer. He speaks German and Joe. I was watching a cup of Joe on Qube. That looks like a dream job to me being able to go to these cities. You've always been too but you never got to see them now. You get to explore them with interesting people. Exactly for years we would travel and go to these different cities and we'd see the hotel or just the venue we started going going. Stir crazy. We're thinking what would it be like if I had a six hours to explore with interesting people and we really try to some interesting talented to join us. And then Matthew mcconaughey was number one he started at us off so I was like well. You set the bar once. I ran out of gas. I used Kevin Neck which was great convenience being convenient test so So being being musicians which is part of what you are being. How has this all change for you? You're still making music but it's all I'm assuming it. The rules are thrown out the door. I mean it's a whole new way of of existing and creating right definitely definitely different. Go ahead this is the hardest part about these calls. You never know who's GonNa be kind of adapting to what this life is like for all of us right now. I'm making the most of it. Obviously music keeps US motivated and inspired and so we tried to have little recording writing setups in in our individual spaces. So I've been able to do songwriting from afar. And sometimes you have. We done this all this time. Yes exactly. You'll have our space but I think it's. It's going to be really exciting. You can get in a room with a bunch of people again and Wrightson insults right now. Have you seen each other in masks yet? Because I find it's the most bizarre thing to see a loved one in a mask. It's like nothing haven't actually I had. I've seen Kevin on his way. He's running errands. And we We facetime we're both in mass together. So it's just a bizarre world we're living in But at the same time when you're still producing music you're still doing the things you love. You'd have to do it differently but you make sacrifices and you come out with like what we're doing today so you decided to release what we we call it a bundle. It's called X. V or x five songs there's X. and there's five more minutes so right. Today's the fifteenth. So we thought we'd get creative. Okay Oh tricky we've asked. I didn't even put the two together so I'm with you. Ellis good look so we're gonNA play X or five minutes or shy play. Both what should we do here? I been played both say time. We've ever released all your top five. I'm GonNa play him now in. That order acts in five minutes in next time. Let's get together in the same room in some better timing. What are you GONNA do? I think is great. I love the fact that I can be in my basement and talk the Jonas brothers. Oh by the way announcement I duNno. Kevin knows but I have three huge Koi in my house and Santa Fe named the John. Yes Kevin Joe Yes. They have little fish now. They're mating families having Kevin Joe in Nick. Fish did each other. Well I don't know I don't know how to tell the difference like can't lift her tail and I don't know how it works. Well the three of you. Have you have a little fish in my fish pond? So I wanted to say enjoyment of your cells with that said They're out today. Let me play them for you. It's x five minutes. It's the Jonas brothers the keeping close buddy John I'm completely delights Only uh-huh Jonas brothers and I love that song. That's of course it shown brothers

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