Accused of Mistreating Employees of Color, The Wing CEO Audrey Gelman Resigns


Audrey Gilman envisioned the women's co working space. She founded as a women's Utopia. In Two thousand sixteen. Then twenty twenty-eight-year-old Gilman partnered with another something friend. Lauren Cassen to found the wing, its mission to be feminist, safe workspace in which women surrounded by other ambitious women would feel empowered to succeed and unbothered by the Patriarchy among other issues. The wing vocally supported pay equity. The company rose on the back of the METOO movement. It attracted members who loved the idea of a progressive women. I space high profile speakers included. Included Hillary Clinton and actress Jennifer Lawrence Tennis Star Serena. Williams is an investor. Members pay up to three thousand dollars a year for access to the CO working spaces, and all that comes with them from breastfeeding rooms to hair, care products, luxurious spaces, and a magazine called no-man's-land the new. York Times reports prior to the pandemic. It had twelve thousand members paying at least twenty one hundred dollars a year, according to the Wall Street Journal. In the four years since its founding the glamorous Gilman of former publicist became a star of business publication, celebrating the supposed success of the instagram worthy chain before covid nineteen hit, the wing had raised almost one hundred twenty million dollars in venture, capital funding and expanded to eleven locations, but underneath it's polished suspicious. There was deep trouble at the wing, rampant accusations by black and brown workers, persistent racial discrimination and abusive behavior by Executives, senior staff and club members that's according to reports in the New York. Times the Wall Street Journal and the Feminist Publication Jessie Belle. Earlier this month. Gilman resigned the same day. Managers at the Wings New, York headquarters staged a virtual walkout protesting labor conditions in solidarity with employees of color, most of whom cleaned served bus tables, and did other manual labor, in addition, a separate group of those former employees, most of them black and brown formed. A group called flew the coop. That group is circulating a petition, demanding change and compensation for a variety of. Of alleged harms

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