On the Table Gaming Episode 82: George from Three Sails Gaming!


A great time for getting games physically on the table, but I'm excited to talk to George from three sales gaming who started up a great Youtube Channel? That's been doing amazing faction breakdowns head on there and check out of you can and. I'm real excited just to talk about what he's been up to. And and his love of the game, and so without further ado, let's jump in and and George. Thanks so much coming on the podcast. So much for having me I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Well, it's been really exciting to see your coverage of a song by some of the miniatures game, and I really appreciate you coming on here. You've recently doing some amazing charity. Streams I really WANNA to get into talking a lot about that, but before we do that a lot of times. You know if you haven't seen three sales gaming content although I find that hard to believe at this point. Make sure you check out his youtube channel and twist streams, but you know maybe getting a little bit of the. We see you talking about the game a lot I thought it might be cool to get a little bit more about you and your background, and then talk about some of the cool projects that you're working on and things got coming in the future amount. Hit Me with I'm here this one talk about shameless self rose on average about myself. How did you get into gaming in general? What was your? What was your journey to playing what you're playing now as long as ice and fire a so. I suppose a lot of people like a ten year old at nine ten year, old boy and A Wolf after games workshop one time and I said Oh. That's so cool, man, that's that's really really cool wet into the shop. Just fell in love with the idea of tabletop modeling problem I had at the time was no. I grew up really really poll, so it wasn't something that I could buy into I I spoke about this on this council radio podcast before it's like. With I'd be lucky if it was a kind of you. Get One box if something a year. and. I remember the very first. Motorways either golf ball or a box of Tony in Bowman. Like yeah, loved it loved at all, and I never never ever ended up actually playing for Tony and Ziva. Even when I. Had My own money, it wasn't something I ended up. Play I regret that to this day so to get around I've been painting my tally. Cavaliers like purple Heraldry. In that Little Pronin Seventy at night St. yes, so I I couldn't. Afford to do as a as a kid teenager by never, it was something I was really interested in a lot. Friends played so I'd occasionally bar along. He's a whatever platelet that and. I got to. Twenty twenty, one I, started my undergraduate degree, but I was twenty one and I finally had some money of my own, and I started buying in, and I was playing warm, a fantasy for quite a while, and then eventually sold out that and really really into action for good few years and I still actually as a very. Own Place in my heart I. Think is an incredible game. System is kind of historical period diary Rian boy. I've Edgy when I came up to Manchester where I am now to start my PhD which was in twenty sixty. There wasn't as much of about action community so i. kind of sold out with again a style magic the gathering lot which again I've been. Interested in as a teenager. And again never had the money to play by going to magic really heavily. And then recently the most six months I was getting a little bit tired of magic, and I was like I. Want to get back into tabletop gaming again I'd been aware the of a solo by Safai miniatures game for while been aware of it since around the time, the kickstarter finally released, but wasn't counting on getting into any type talk games. Been Investment, right? Something was yeah. It's a bit of an investment. Advice if is, credit is relatively cheap system as You know we're not talking. We're not talking. Gains Workshop Right, certainly, not a one and done thing, but the difference was always with with bolt action in World War Two stuff.

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