044 - The Cultural Pressure to Study an 'Approved' Career: Sheryl Kambuni - burst 08


Before you got here, so you know the way most people know things about Africa through the news, and like coming to America the movie or like a couple of movies all I. Know About America's Watch TV, too. You know like everything that they were trained. The movies like I thought Miami looked like Miami. The movies that you know like everything. I knew about America had watched on TV, so it was. It was exciting because I was like I'm going to a place where I watch TV from. Name maybe some of those shows or something like that but kind of influenced what your thoughts were about America. I do a lot of CSI so I was kind of scared because I was like. Oh No! What did I get into? Wow, yeah, and criminal minds, seven really creepy police shows, but I don't everything from

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