Female Comedians Unite



Hollywood's top comedy. Actresses are uniting in saying they are sick of being put in a box. Tiffany Haddish told the Hollywood reporter that she had to turn down multiple projects as a block comedic actress. She says she gets roles that are overtly sexual or roles that had her play a mom whose child gets hurt in some way. Way And she's fighting for justice. She mentioned this during a virtual actress roundtable. That also included Jamila Djamil Jamila said she's always given scripts to play a character who has too much sex. Robin said the writing is often so bad for comedy actresses. She's resorted to writing her own. Do you think that men and comedic roles feel the same way, or is this? Just a one sided argument. No I think you've you asked Matthew mcconaughey Hey why his career went away did it's because those were kind of the only roles that men had to get as well men who were players, men who still had roommates in their forties men? who were Douche bags? That never got out of Frat life. I think that's comedy is all about is lagging at at those things in life, but I think men do get them as well. Okay, I I was conflicted about this I I'm not a comedic actress and I actually thought the opposite I thought that women who were put in comedic roles were usually sort of the best friend role or the woman. That's like maybe made to look as unattractive. Unattractive as possible to be as funny as possible, so I didn't realize that women who were being put in comedic roles. We're supposed to be overtly sexy or things of that nature so to hear this actually quite surprised by it because I just didn't view it that way. Yeah, I think there's typecasting when it comes to a lot of actors whether it's you were maybe a nerdy role in one movie. Then a lot of people see you as oh. That's going to be the quintessential nerd. If we look at Michael Sarah or Christmas, plus like they are also typecast in their own way, so yeah, I feel like it falls on both sides, but do we feel like right Impro-? No I wouldn't ask for it to improve what I would do. is either a write my own scripts and come up and find content that is right for me as an actor or an actress or I would just pass those things up because what happens is if you pass it up. Another actress gets the job, so let's not have those roles diminish. Let's see those roles go away. Just pass them to another actress. Who's just starting her career? Everyone's not in the position, obviously to pass roles and I think you do have to maybe do roles in the beginning of your career, like for example, even just with my own career right I started on a reality show. That wasn't my end goal but I did that to get to where I was now. There was obviously no guarantee in that out, but luckily it has women who wannabe actresses, whether it's serious actresses or comedic actress, or both start their career out and have different intentions are willing to do different things than maybe they get. Get a little bit more famous, or they get a little bit more successful, but I think what you said. Aaron was very valid and I don't know if it's a comedic actress. Issue I think shirt. People just get typecast in general I think the bigger conversation I feel like when you're casting one role, you do it sell well. People tend to want you for different kinds of roles that are similar to that. Yes, yeah, exactly and like what you were saying just in like you know if you don't want those roles, let's not eliminate them. On them, and these women who are part of this roundtable seem like they're fortunate enough to be able to pass on those roles that they don't WanNa, take on I will play the funny gay friend. Anytime Billy. Porter is not

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