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Was in charge of prosecutions of allies of president trump an investigation into trump's personal attorney Rudy guiliani no reason was provided for his removal Berman said he did not resign and the investigations will continue Attorney General William Barr says the president plans to name Jay Clayton to that position the current head of the securities and exchange commission Facebook and Twitter say a video posted by president trump has been removed after a complaint from the copyright holder NPR's Bobby Allen reports trump shared a video of a black toddler running away from a white toddler on the sidewalk the video was doctored to make it look like CNN had fabricated the footage with the headline races baby probably a trump voter Facebook and Twitter have both now pulled the deceptive video from their respective platforms the tech giant say one of the parents of the children in the video submitted a copy right complaint it's the latest in a growing list of actions taken by social media companies against the president's frequent and sometimes flagrant use of the medium trump has vowed retaliation the justice department is asking Congress to strip social media companies of certain legal protections Bobby Allyn NPR news San Francisco the deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca program offers protection from deportation of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U. S. by their parents now the Supreme Court ruled against the trump administration's bid to end the program the Mexican government says it will continue helping Mexican beneficiaries from member station KJZZ Red River serve Andi's reports the fifty consulates of Mexico and the US efforts nationals guidance and assistance in their potential daca beneficiaries as well as help to obtain their Mexican citizenship documentation according to the Mexican government more than five hundred thousand Mexicans have been protected by daca representing eighty percent of the total number of beneficiaries Mexico says the continuity of the program is a recognition of the value of the immigrant community the Mexican government says approximately two hundred thousand daca beneficiaries working business is deemed essential during the pandemic the

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