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Story of the band and 40 Years


All right, Still ahead this hour on all things considered standup comedian, actor writer and singer Carl Reiner has died at the age of 98. He is best known as Mel Brooks's partner in the 2000 year old man and as the co creator of the Dick Van Dyke Show. He also directed movies like All of Me with Only Tomlin. Oh God, with George Burns and John Denver, among others. Also the jerk. One of my favorites, too, can forget about that. Let's check your road now. On this Tuesday afternoon, let's start in the North Long Beach. Anyone eastbound in Atlantic Boulevard got a disabled vehicle walk in the right lane. That's got traffic slow from Central Avenue in L, A 10 eastbound on Alameda still have that stalled box truck. It's not in Lane's any more good news there, but you're still backed up to the 1 10

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