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Ken Burns is baseball documentary so many times before you have to find it, and I love


On the field again. Are you optimistic? I mean, you are by general terms When I listen to you, you're always someone who's upbeat. You're optimistic. Are you optimistic that they're going to get this thing in 60 games? No problems. Yes. And I'll tell you why. They have An expert panel of people and medical experts in ballparks. And travel and what they're going to do do everything Major League baseball. They can to get this off now not saying that they're glitches like happened on the PGA Tour. We might find some guys that are positive for cold 19. And that's why it's going to be so important for teams to get through this. We're going to be 66 days to get 60 games in and expect one or two or maybe more than that on some things. Be affected and death is going to be at a premium. I do think there are people to pull it off. They're going to try to minimize travel the best they can. Listen. I think the way they're going about the ballpark workers. There's not gonna be any media accessibility. They're doing everything that can Sylvie and your guest. I am a positive guy by nature. I'm hoping but I really think they're going to be able to pull this off and I don't think they would go this far and trying to open up camp. If they didn't think they could do it. Now what that said something behind the eight ball, The Blue Jays. I wanted to be able to go into Canada. They will open up the borders us. I don't know, but I think the world baseball that we know in 2020 it's going to be different. And it's going to be different in a lot of different ways of your schedule. Bigger waters less travel Inter division interleague inside A leaf will play the It's all different, but I commend both sides that they're. Finally they were able to get some things done and get back on the field because it would have been a disaster for this game to go 17 months without a game of baseball plate, because I really think, Sylvie that would have been a lot of fans that would have turned their back to the game and it would have taken him a while to look at it again. You're absolutely right. Then you'll be good to have you back on MLB network with him live programming Only watch Ken Burns is baseball documentary so many times before you have to find it, and I love birds, But I'm sure that comes on. I'm like camp because it's great. It's great. It's great. The 1st 3 times would find at a certain point. You're like I need some live baseball here. I Danny. So what's the What Pitch is going to do what? How do you as they're getting ready to go out there and, you know, obviously Try and get back into a sprint as opposed to a marathon. But at the same time, a lot of starting pitchers don't wantto ramp it up too quickly and get hurt. What's the process for a pitcher during this 60 game restarts? Jeff. That's the $1,000,000 question. I've thought about this today. I have a nephew that is with the Cleveland Indians made its debut last year in tremendous shape had been in contact with him every couple of weeks. Text talk And I think For players Right now it's going to be a different kind of. I don't know what to expect. But Jeff Kind of temple that you see Jon Lester and and, like, one a form right off the get go expected there's gonna be some absence and down because You can't start your body and baseball players. It starts from high school college, the professional level all the way up. Your body gets accustomed to doing something at the same time. Same time. Same year it gets the January start. So get the February and you've ramped your body up. You get the screen train. That's what remember these guys started and good week into the spring training process, and the plug was poured. And I really think Players are in far better shape today than they ever have been. If this would have happened in 19 eighties 19 nineties in my heyday without stretching, I don't know what kind of brand of baseball you see that the guys today. They're bigger, faster, stronger. They're in better shape. But what that said. They're going to really be under the gun. Think about this picture. You come in the first week of the season. You have one of those horrible games. 2/3 5 hits or runs. They're all learned and walking around with an 89 e array happens in April. You go. What if disaster I'll be able to. You know, I could make that game up your story picture start doing 67 runs. All learned leaving you out because they want your picture. I'll get up for the next start. So you weren't there for seven runs into eating that you got a tiara 47.5. Right. You're carrying that tiara with me around, you know, for three or four weeks, But guess what they're going on eight season. There's not like Hey, as your heater you started the season started one for 15 year like Why can't wake up calendar turns to may? Well, now it's going to be July turned into August really quick. There's not time and I mean players are going to be under the gun. There is better shape, but they're not in game competing shake, and they're two different things. Damn, please Sak from the MLB network joining us right now in the Corona Hotline, It's Waddle and Sylviane, ESPN 1000 Soas Faras. The strategy for that Mel and I were talking about this. Let's say these first few starts because they're not in game shape. Starters go four innings, five innings. They don't go deep, though. Because of the limited amount of starts as they do ramp up and get back in shape, Dan and because it's such a short season, do you believe managers will go to a four man rotation in meaningful games down the

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