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Clinton voters want to be excited about Joe Biden, and he's not giving them a reason.


To comment about the politics of the moment. Joe Biden has done us the favor of Making remarks to questions that looked a predictable in an event in which he was making predictable remarks about the virus and what Donald Trump is or is not doing. However. The question that most Centered. My attention was one where the vice president was asked about cognitive issues did has even tested for cognitive issues. This is a polite way of saying Are you older? Mr. Biden? Can you handle the burden of office? I'm older and I will tell everyone within earshot of me. I can't remember why I came into this room. I have no idea why I'm here. What am I looking for? It happens to all of us is part of being lucky enough to become a septuagenarian in the United States of America in the 21st century. But Liz The

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