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CAFE Insider 6/30: The Judiciary Speaks


Having you as a part of the insider community. We had extraordinary testimony in the House Judiciary Committee last week. By, a couple of people who worked in the WHO work in the Department of Justice one of whom I think most extraordinarily. Overuse word during this episode, but I think appropriately so. Ahrends Alinsky who is a sitting. Assistant US attorney in Maryland and the district of Maryland. WHO's on a special counsel's team the team? And then continued as a designated assistant US attorney is special. Assistant US attorney in the District of Columbia to see through the end of the Roger. Stone case. He is one of four people who withdrew from the case after bill bars sort of imposed his view. That the sentencing, recommendation made by the US Attorney's office in DC was too harsh. And you and I've talked about this. At length, you can have an argument about whether or not. The recommendation was too harsh or not. I tend to think that it was a long than maybe made sense under the circumstances. That's a different question from whether or not the trains of the United States imposes his own view. In the circumstance that looks like favourable treatment to someone for what reason only because he's an associate of the President United States. and. A as as Alinsky, testify before Congress that, he heard from multiple people that the reason this was happening. was that there was favorable treatment because a Roger Stone's connection to the president and so. You can like what he said or not like what he said, but I think it's a pretty brave thing for someone who's within the department. And knows he's GonNa. Make angry the person at the head of the department. To speak what he believed to be the truth. and. We'll talk about. More about what he said. But until we know what other kinds of bill bar has interjected himself into interceded in. The public record is what. That he has gotten involved on. Roger Stone Associated President. He's got involved with Michael Flynn former staff or to and associated president. We now have in your times article that said. Though, it's too late to undo. He made some efforts to rein in the southern district of New York with respect to who Michael Cohen. Associated Press the United States now. Maybe he's going around the country and their garden variety drug cases that he's also interceding in, but my hunch is. That's not true and it's. It's odd to me. Why in the current climate you go out of your way, but you on reputation for independence, such as it was on the line to keep interceding in a very dramatic, an extraordinary way on behalf of people who are close to the president, and maybe goes to what you're saying. It's also not remember John Germs investigation until yes. Yes. Maybe, the theme is. Not Not so much well may maybe the the unifying principle is. He just wants to undercut everything that went on with respect to the Russia investigation, all of its tentacles, and all of its tributaries, and that's what he's doing. But. It really smacks of something. You know ugly and unfortunate in the Justice Department if you care about. The appearance at least of. The law right? Yeah. I mean I look Zielinski was asked whether he agreed with the statement made by one of the other prosecutors Jonathan Kravis. It was one of the stone prosecutors who basically wrote in an op Ed. Mistress Alinsky, your colleague Jonathan Craven, who was also assigned to Roger Roger Stone. Case resigned from the department after ten years because he said quote, he believed the department had abandoned its responsibility to do justice and the Roger. Stone Case Michelin Ski. Do you agree with that assessment? I do. alinsky basically says he agrees with it. He says that the. His supervisor, who identifies as JP COONEY? Had said that the US attorney had political reasons for his instructions, and that the supervisor agreed it was unethical and wrong, and so really he's. He's road mapping that the decisions that were being made and look you and I have said this could agree or disagree on the level of sentences on number like people debate how many years someone should be sentenced to all the time and that's a legitimate debate. What's not legitimate is if it's done because of. Of Politics and what's Alinsky sang here is that this was politics? And he was told by his supervisor that it was politics, and so it's exactly what I think. We've all feared, but it feels and we you and I have been sort of saying okay well. Here are the pieces of evidence that lead us to believe that this is what happened, you know Jesse Lou the DC US attorney was pushed out to bars. What bars right hands. Hands in the Department of Justice who worked in the front office with bars, put in to oversee the case, so there was a lot of what I would almost call circumstantial evidence at this is what was happening, but then I think it's different to have someone like Lindsey Walk in and say this is what happened. Even as it was happening, I was being told we were doing it for political reasons it just it's just it's sort of all. All these things we knew, but to have the person inside say it changes it and I think it's. It's really important that it's going to get lost a little bit, and you know we're in the middle of a you know a national global pandemic like we're in the middle of all these other things happening, but it's really important that like he's really calling a flag on the play like and he was saying at the time, this was political. I think that's really important. You've got also without hearing. Don Air who is the deputy attorney general under George Herbert, Walker Bush, and a lifelong conservative as far as I know who said the following I'm here because I believe that William Bar poses the greatest threat in my lifetime to our rule of law and public trust in it. That's not a small thing for a person like that to be saying, and that's the impression. That bill bar is giving a lot of people. One question. PREET is so I think I. Think you're right to point out Donald. Air. I mean we Zielinski. Think that it's GonNa make a difference like so I sort of think we're like we're moving towards this point in time where bill bars about to go to the microphone with John Durham, the Connecticut US Attorney, and say the initiation the beginning of the Muller investigation, even though it's been signed off on by the Inspector General of the Department justice. Even though you know, we've seen the full muller report come out. Bar's going to question that right.

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