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Tomorrow Wednesday, the minor week season officially canceled today way we find out yesterday Monday that four players, including two on the world champs Ryan Zimmerman and pitcher Joe Ross opt out of the season. Mike weakening and Desmond opt out as well. This is significant because all four players are fairly big names, especially Zimmerman and Desmond in baseball circles. Ross had an opportunity to make the rotation this year. A week has been a dependable starter for a long time, and he's made a lot of money. That's for sure. But Ryan Zimmerman started every game for the nationals in the playoffs. He's one of the faces of the franchise. The knots of course in a 60 game season, have a great chance to defend their championship and he's saying See you later. I mean, and Ian Desmond is a pretty good player for the Rockies. I mean, certainly, you know, 20 homerun guy. I know that's less rare these days than ever, but he's utility. No plate can play. A few positions for you is certainly a valuable player. The Rockies air significantly worse without him,

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