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Breakthrough or having broken, throw the initial donald trump in these low priority areas. defenses are manned by German and they're weapons and they're supporting. Weapons consist primarily of a chain of strong find. cited to cover beaches and extending along the coast at intervals, averaging about a thousand yards, but they lack adequate theft. Mustang points are surrounded by obstacles, barbed wire tank, and frequently by minefields and contain machine guns, and he thanked him water than any aircraft weapons. But they're usually garrison only by comparatively smalls washes anything up to a rifle company of Infantry, and the up is not really great. That is not three or four or five or six lines of these things one behind another, but just one or two thin lies. Problem through the line is broken. Midge George Feeling Elliott Colombia's military analyst at this point. It's a bit different to predict what we're going to do tonight. We are going to remain on duty at microphones of Colombia's news headquarters in new. York reminds you merely once again to stay June to this Columbia station, and we'll bring you the authentic news as soon as we receive it here Bob. trop speaking this AC- BS.

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