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The virus and the county is reporting 601 new cases. That's also a new daily record.


Rising numbers are one reason why he wants Governor Greg Abbott tissue new statewide rules on face masks and shutting down more businesses. If we do that, we've got a chance to get a hold of the surge if we keep waiting around to do things at the state level. Then we're gonna have to do more draconian thing in the future just to get there where we could be. If we act now, Judge Jenkins wants the governor to shut down indoor restaurant, dining and too close movie theaters and gems. The General Motors plant in Arlington is continuing to crank out trucks and SUVs. It's against the wishes, though, of the United Auto Workers Union, Kor L. Do's Andrew Greenstein explains the U. A W local to 76 posted on its Web site that its bargaining committee has asked GM to shut down its Arlington Assembly plant until the spike in covert 19 cases subsides. It notes that every day North Texas is setting new records for the number of people testing positive for the Corona virus. In a statement, General Motors says since safety protocols that the Arlington planter working, there are

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