From $50 a month to 65 bucks a month,


One of the best ways for TV viewers to cut the cord and watched television online. And just like that the price is going up. Google has announced it's raising the price of YouTube TV from $50 a month to 65 bucks a month, and that price hike goes into effect right away. Existing customers will see the increase at the end of July. It starts today for new subscribers. YouTube TV increased in price from 40 to $50 last April. It's also said it will add stations from Viacom such as B E t CME T Comedy Central And Nickelodeon this summer. Wall Street closed out the second quarter with a solid advance. It was the market's best quarter since 1998. Despite the pandemic that L. Jones industrial average climbed 217. The S and P jumped 47. The NASDAQ surged 185 American Airlines is getting heat for its decision to resume booking flights to capacity. The director of the CDC expressed substantial disappointment. Dr Anthony felt, she said he's not sure what went into that decision making. Calling them a national security threat. The FCC is moving against China's walk away and ziti. It is barred small phone companies from using federal subsidies on wa Y or Z T equipment. It comes as tensions rise between the US and China Amazon game Studios is pulling its big budget PC Game Crucible from wide circulation after it was widely panned by critics.

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