Internet Folklore: The case of the heart-shaped honeycomb



Today's story is about stories. It's about how we tell them. It's about which stories survive. Especially, online. Not GonNa. Tell you much more than that to prepare you but I want you to start by picturing an image, you may have seen. You may have seen it in the link. You clicked onto get here. We may have seen it just floating around the Internet recently. It is honeycomb, but not normal pattern honeycomb. This one flows in curves and swoops, and it makes the shape of a heart. It's gorgeous. It really looks like somebody has spent time creating this. According to almost anywhere that you will find this picture, it was the bees who spent all the time creating this and they did it on their own when they're beekeeper left the frame out of their hive. That's a lovely story. And? We know it's lovely because it endures. Is it true. Is it mostly true or partly true? That by accident, or on purpose that for profit or for likes for re tweets. I don't know. The answer to those questions though are fascinating, and they're going to give us a look into an emerging form of steady. Internet. Folklore. You see when you're tweeting. When I'm tweeting when we're sharing, things were telling stories and writing down history. and. You really can't predict what's going to stick around and how it will

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