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Everyone yesterday I introduced you to the founder of me. We one of the many facebook alternatives for people who don't agree with facebook policies when it comes to cleaning up paid speech of the site or those intrusive ways of monitoring our every moved. Well I've checked out all the sites today. I'm going to give you. My thoughts on my favorites I'm Jefferson Graham. You're listening to talking tech now. The most obvious choice for the social network where you're most likely to find people you know, connect to them and share is Lincoln. The Microsoft own network has come a long way from its original idea to be just a place to look for a job and to network now sure there are tons post about marketing and succeeding, but people are also posting photos, bragging about achievements and talking about all sorts of things, hopefully without being spied upon in the same fashion as facebook. Just today I was asked to wish a happy birthday to a contact. Now, I love linked in, but my favorite of all of them is the smallest of the social networks. It's called cake. The idea is to follow topics, not people with the hope that if you're passionate about photography, year won't start arguing about politics and race relations within that same topic cake looks great. It's a joy to use constructive criticism the ability to like to react. The tools are kind of too cool and Kinda hidden. They need some I work. Side from that fun place to visit and you should check it out. Me We as we heard. Yesterday is the target of the Anti facebook networks, and it vows to curb speech in not spy on you, but after I, asked my social crowd whether they tried it to. My friends did and they were not happy with what they saw. Stopped using it pretty fast, lots of trolling and certain groups. One friend told me another said this. Since you posted that Tweet, I signed up within an hour. I've received two completely vile emails with solicitations to register for sex related websites I've never had a problem like this before. That's Didn't happen to me. My experience was a lot better. The the positive is that I didn't see a lot of crap they're the negative is I didn't know anybody who was there. Let's see if that changes now. The other one point out is parlor, which is getting a lot of press president. Donald Trump in several high profile Republicans, have been touting it as a social network. They want to use as a place for conservatives and that's fine. If you WANNA Chad politics from a right wing point of view, this might be the place for you. You. I didn't know anyone on the site, but I sure recognized names like Rudy Giuliani and Eric trump now. What's your favorite facebook alternative? I'd love to hear from you. Look for me on twitter. Right Match Jefferson Graham Ulysses Talking Tech. Please subscribe to the show wherever you listen online audio. I'll be back tomorrow with another. Quick it from the world of Tech.

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