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Least several players will back out of baseball this year, because of concerns over their families or their wives or having. Davies they will not play baseball. We had another one tonight. Didn't we garber I and then? I think. I just saw other one tonight. It's not going. To the. End of the rockies is not going to play. He actually had several reasons. He listed off a lot of things. It's actually very much worth to go on to check out the post that he wrote up. He talked about things like there's a racism problem in baseball. He had a lot of things that to say that the game needs to change, but then he also said at the end I got a wife, pregnant wife and four kids at home. I'm For me best thing right now. Stay with them, so Ian Desmond of the rockies also not going to play in this sixty game season for them. So he's out and then you said.

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