Avengers: Age of Ultron | A Marvel Cinematic Universe Rewatch


All been very on the edge of our seats waiting for this one to drop some technical difficulties along the way that I wanted just completely lay at the feet of one Kevin Mateo. On you jer. Typical. What you're the altron this situation I'm vision just somehow to blame your servers and your programming. Well to keep the Pinocchio, Talk Up. My nose is growing with the LAI. It's totally my fault that we are delayed. We're delayed, but we are here. We're back if you're listening to this. Binge. Catch up, then you're like what's the big deal, but we missed a week. Sorry about that. Totally my fault life is happening, but we're back to talking about age ball. Trying to what Kevin I don't mind that we had an extra week to think about this one because I think of interchangeable Tron is a movie that is worth chewing on right. This is like one of those like. It's a it's A. It's a piece of meat. That's a little harder to chew Then maybe you're typically used to, but does that mean that it's bad in. It's trash I. The metaphor is not great. But I could be better, but but I think you get the gist of what I'm saying. Is that like the state is still a steak and the avengers movie is still an avengers movie. Does that mean if it's the weakest of the avengers movies. Is it trash, or is it just the week? The avengers movie is and it still can be good because I think. I would be. Mind blown if you came on here and you told me. That after revisiting age Voltron, this is not the worst avengers. This is clearly the worst of the four vendors movies nine debate. Debate, I think you're right. The debate is just how bad is it or how good is a comparatively and it's crazy I think you're right. I think more time for this movie was good. And I don't think like the time gave me much of a change in my opinion, but it's so weird. This is I. Think. I've made this before and I. It may last week, but I feel like this move might be the most controversial of the MCI. Films in terms of just like. How people feel about it like there's just like it's good. It's bad for iron. Man Three but I feel like there's just such a weird thing about this film. There's so much. Like people don't like, it's just a movie that exists is it is a bad because it's not as good as the rest of them. Was it like the follow really hard to do? Alternately I. Think you know after sitting on this and after talking about it. With with Robin like. I think the best description that I can give for this movie into what it is the problem with it the ultimate problem the altron problem is that it's a movie where you can see the seems, and I think that's the pocket strings I can see the strings they are. I can see all the shrinks from the puppet master of this movie. Keep saying or trying. There are no strings on me. There are no strings on, and that's like the kind of talk of somebody who's definitely strung. Totally you're trying to will something into existence in I appreciate that, but we see we see you strings. We see you on this movie. This is this is sort of I. Think in in a way in a less egregious way, and certainly because there are aspects of this movie that work really well and even at a baseline. It's funny in a very Joss, we'd any way in the characters with the actors playing them do. The script has to beat Uttar? Dog Shit for the movie to also be dog Shit Right. Because people are just going to elevate stuff, and even in the cases of I think either some outright problematic storylines or just some lackluster or underwritten storylines. Actors boost those things past what they could have been or should have been based on the quality of the decision making. But I think. It's it's. It's the thor, the dark world of vendors movies. I mean extent I would say even. Dark world, Ultimately ended up like that for nothing, and it was bad. I don't even think it's not even the movie didn't stand for anything like you said. There's some great stuff and there's some problematic stuff, but the problem is. We can see the strings dangling, because it's all stuff that you could see how behind the scenes what happened and like? That's the issue. I think at the end of the day like even if you don't know this stuff, you can sort of taste and feel it like the studio interferences the like.

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