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Markets after the bell in the U. S. FedEx reported quarterly earnings way above estimates the company seemed to benefit from improved efficiency, along with a surgeon. Shipments of health equipment adjusted MPs $2.53. That was a dollar above forecast. The FCC has designated Chinese tech firms wa wait Technologies and ziti national security threats. The human resource is chief Adidas. Karen Parkin has resigned following criticisms from black employees who said the company did not do enough to promote diversity. Goldman Sachs is close to resolving its role in the one MDB scandal and avoiding a guilty plea. Now this case involves billions of dollars Goldman raised for the Malaysian fund. Much of the money was allegedly siphoned by people connected to the country's former prime minister. Ah, high ranking Goldman banker in Asia has already pleaded guilty. He did so in 2018. We're told. He described a secretive corporate culture and sidelined compliance staff. Well. Since then, Goldman has pushed

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