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The best of luck in your If you're playing the Gulfstream Rainbow six, there was a big bomb that one the third leg. And we see this. Another bomb ran second. We kinda talked about those ones. Yesterday was feeling good about Myself Day yesterday. Watching the the results pour in, but I was wrong in the the early legs wouldn't wouldn't matter anyways. My loan speed got low loaned speed and then got pushed and then. Not, loan speed anymore. It was interesting. It was the five horse the second leg. It was the Ronald Spats Horse. Breaks to the front. And the Jockey's looking over to see if he can clear the two-horse, the Ravelli Horse, and end up winning, and he's looking over his left shoulder sees got room, so he drops over, and he just keeps looking as they're on the turn because he's like I. Know This guys waiting for room here. And then all of a sudden he lets him through, and the two goes on to win Lebron skims. The rail goes onto a score, but yeah six in the third leg at fifty dollars. I went back and looked at the plot among I swear. We talked about this horse and I said I thought ten was very dangerous as potential loan speed type, but if the seven the four of the five eleven of the twelve kinda maybe go with push that it could set up for horses like the one eight, six, six, eight, one of the try was like twenty five hundred dollars so. The old optics plot coming through and it's. It's interesting because on this, and this goes for any horse racing data that you use. And information I mean because that's really what optics is. It's just data that's put onto a graph and you know you try to utilize it and interpreted as best you can. It's it's animals running in a circle, so it's a very very uncertain science in terms of the handicapping of things, but I think what I draw from the from this particular race, looking at the plot, and that's kind of what I said yesterday. If the ten clears and is able to to really get a nice lead could be very very dangerous. That's one possibility of how it could work out now. If you're getting three to one on that horse, you need to play out that way. Every few times or else it becomes a losing proposition. It also you know with the one in the six the eight. If I liked any one of those ones that double digit. I just need somebody to go with that. Ten horses who like I, said the seven four eleven twelve in this particular instance, and even the five who shouldn't be that much slower than the ten early, so it is plausible that someone could go with that horse or the Horse Breaks Batum in know those things happen, but I only need it to happen like. Like that one out of every multiple multiple times, because the one six and eight such big prices, but they're all squares on my plots. I know they can all finish a little bit and potential. The contention rate on the plot was listed as fire, which means it's possible that you know it's going to be heavily contested early part of the race and so. It was one of those nice instances where the data played out a little bit and hope somebody got a a piece of that of their race, but. You know when you use the racing form, and when you use optics or time former or whatever you're using I mean none of it is set in stone. Right I mean even the biggest one nine shot that looks like a complete, low and speeds. Doesn't play out that way. Horse breaks bad. Horse you know jumps in the air horse. Just does it feel like run that day, or is sore or whatever else, and you have to weigh the probability of these things happening versus the reward that you might be getting because of said horses, and that's why when you look at it, optics plot or a daily racing form, and you're playing out of scenario, and you're thinking well, you know they really could go cooking up front and this. It could set up nice for this five horse. That could be round. He's fifteen to one. You don't need it to play out. You know as you prescribe all that often for you to be winning player with that kind of interpretation of a race when you're trying to find the interpretation, which often is the easier one to find, and that's why the horses are two to one. You gotta be right more often. And it's It's a fascinating part of this whole experience. We're going to pretty short open today. Because my conversation, my guest Ed. Mayer is GONNA join us in a little bit. We're GonNa Talk Bill Tear Park Cincinnati racing with Ed ed way. A longtime river downs guy worked at turf way for years it was always a marketing guy and Kinda got forced into announcing by me and now subsequently been the guy tear for the last several years after P.. L. O. Left to to head south, but I love it. I consider a friend and we We have a very long conversation out here. It's a towards the end. We get a little bit of buddies reminiscing, but I think that's think it'll be a fun a fun. Listen for you. Guys coming up tomorrow, show or doing a horse player Thursday with Bruce Meyer looking forward to that conversation with Bruce and then on Friday. Of course the jury will be in as we get ready for the the weekend. I am going to take my fourth of July holiday. I, basically get all the the big ones. The Big Federal Holidays I'm GonNa. Take it on Monday, so there will be no show. Monday there will be the weekend recap Tuesday I think we've already got a guest plan for for Wednesday so. Those will be the so I I will be off on Monday as far as the show is concerned, so just be aware of that hope. I don't ruin your your daily plans, but WANNA. Take my my holiday. I'd rather do because holly falls on the Saturday. I'd rather do it. Monday because we're, we're racing an extra day. Grants pass, and so it almost it just makes it easier for me to do it. On Monday, We're running Monday Tuesday Wednesday next week for our closing week of the summer meeting. Then I get about a week. Break little we of announcing and then So. Anyway so let's get to admire and we will have that conversation right after this short break Wednesday edition of the Jason Beam, racing podcast brought to you by these

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